Sheer Kiss Lip Oil vs Juicy Shaker

25 August 2017

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The weekend is here!!! I live for weekends and Im sure you can tell by the way I start counting down in every Wednesday post. But we are not here to talk about the weekend. Today I am going to put the Elizabeth Arden sheer kiss lip oil vs juicy shaker from Lancome. Both are similar, yet worlds apart and I will tell you why I say that.

Sheer Kiss Lip Oil vs Juicy Shaker


The juicy shaker is very innovative with the felt tip sponge in the cap that fits perfectly in the neck of the shaker. It picks up the perfect amount of oil and pigment for one application. The sheer kiss lip oil on the other hand has got the perfect “ergonomics”. The way it is meant to be held makes the applicator hug your lips perfectly. Also, when I look at the two products the juicy shaker feels glamorous and high end. The Sheer kiss lip oil makes me think of a fresh look, a modern twist, a facelift from the brand. Point is, both make my heart feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Although Elizabeth Aden says sheer lip oil, it still packs a punch. It can most definitely be sheered out, but when applied generously it creates the most beautiful bold lip color. I will not say that this is a substitute for a lipstick, but topped over a lip liner you can create the perfect lippie. The liner add longevity and contribute towards the pigmentation once the lip oil starts wearing off, and the lip oil brings the hydration and glossy look. Now on the other hand we have the juicy shaker that’s something next to see through. Yes there is some pigmentation and, yes you can also add it over a lip liner, but next to the sheer kiss it stands no change of winning the award for best pigmentation.  Saying that, the shaker was never meant to function on its own as a lipstick, but rather a lip topper.


For me the sheer kiss lasts longer on the lips as it’s a tiny bit stickier than the shaker. I am not saying its like a sticky gloss, it most definitely leans more towards an oil rather than a gloss. But I find that it has a thicker consistency than the shaker and that makes it last longer. The shaker dissipates quickly (well quickly-ish) and leave behind a slight tint. My lips still feel nice and hydrated long after I applied the sheer kiss, where as I feel I have to apply the shaker more often. This is not necessarily a bad thing but when I get busy I forget, and so does most other women.


The shaker still retails for R270 but I think it might be phased out by the new matte shaker. You can get you hands on the sheer kiss for R295. Both are availible at most department stores and come in a variety of shades. The shaker has got 13 shades with funky names and each smelling like a diffident fruit. The sheer kiss comes in 6 shades all with the same scent of slightly minty cup cakes.

I have reviewed both of these lippies here the blog before, so feel free to read the full scoop on the shaker and the sheer kiss. I would say that I prefer the sheer kiss over the shaker hands down. My reason is based on the fact that it has better pigmentation and is more hydrating on the lips.

I hope you enjoyed this sheer kiss lip oil vs juicy shaker post and found it informative. If you have tried either of them, or maybe both, let me know in the comments below what is your thoughts and if you prefer the one above the other.

Love ya

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    1. Thank you so much for the compliment.
      I personally enjoy the EA one more than the Lancome one. It lasts longer and is more pigmented. Id rather wear a balm than an oil if I want to hydrate my lips.

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