Winter Makeup Picks

14 August 2017

Welcome to my corner of the internet were we mostly talk about beauty and makeup. Today I want to share with you my winter makeup picks. I love all my makeup, but some just get more love during the colder months.

Lets face it, some products are amazingly good that they get love all year round (and yes they are also featured in this post) but others I only come to see during winter. It’s sad but a true story. These are my Winter makeup picks.


Liners is a funky and easy method to bring some color into your eye look. Even just a colorful liner and some mascara can be great on its own. But as we are in the colder, darker months I dare to add some liner in my lower water line just to smoke the look out a bit. My favorite color liners are the Essence Gel liners (review). They are extremely pigmented, last all day and best of all, they are so affordable.

Eye Shadow Palettes

Let’s start with the most wintery palette of all time. The one that you see pop up EVERY time fall comes around. I am talking about the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette. It is allowed to be so obnoxiously in your face cause it is that good. I love the browns and the greens, and that duo-chrome color. The powders blend well, they are pigmented and you can create a multitude of different looks with this palette. This palette is the biggest contestant for “Winter makeup picks”.

Gosh Palette (it’s the pinky-purple one for easy reference). The shsdows are soft and smooth and they blend well, sometimes a bit too well. I feel that the pinks and the purples blend into the same color and the same goes for the browns. Other than that I feel it is a good palette and the purples compliment my brown eyes. The price point is also not too bad (R250 – ish)

The last palette is the Morphe 12NB. This is a very neutral palette. I feel that there is a bit of fallout with this palette and sometimes the colors can very easily blend into one brown. I still have to play with it more as I do not use it as often as I would like to, but the colors is still gorgeous.


When I look at this Catrice blush all I imagine is a cold and dark morning that needs brightening up. It blends effortlessly and brings a subtle but stunning flush to the cheeks. I love this blusher and I think I got it on a sale (which makes me think that it has been discontinued, but I’m not sure)

Mac Warm Soul on the right hand side is a classic and an all year round favorite. I have spoken about it loads on the blog and can not rave about it enough. I enjoy how it has got a very neutral tone to it, not too warm or too cold, just right in the middle. This blusher brings life to my cheeks and warm up my face without competing with a bronzer and also does not pull orange. Out of all these powders this is the one I would recommend you pick up. It simply is stunning!

Next up is Essence Matt Bronzing powder in light. This is a good budget friendly bronzer. I enjoy it from time to time but sometimes it can pull a tiny bit orange on me (I still have to figure out which foundation I used when it turned slightly orange). Other than that its a good powder with decent pigmentation and staying power.

Mac Bronzing powder is something that was on my wishlist for a very long time. I am very glad this bronzer is part of my collection as I find it very versatile. It works beautiful not only as a bronzer, but also as a transition shade on the eyes. It’s a natural shade that you can build up if you need a bronzier look, but you can also hold back and lightly bron-tour.


From the picture you can see that there is no pinks, no corals. Only deep reds and browns. I find that I gravitate towards these colors more in the winter that in summer time. Its easier to get away with a “lightly” smokey eye and one of these colors, or even liner + mascara and one of these colors. It is right at place in winter, where during summer these colors needs to fit in with a certain look?

These are my Winter makeup picks, please leave a comment below with the makeup item that you pull out each winter.

Love ya

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  1. The Morphe palette is gorgeous ! (A little bit jealous they are on m wishlist but I don’t feel I need more eyeshadows ! ) Love the blush choices.

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