’17 August Haul

1 September 2017

Hi guys, its the weekend again (well soon to be) and another week has come and gone. Where is this year going? Soon they will start putting out Christmas decorations (I might be a bit early) but it never kills you to start buying those prezzies early to ease the budget come REAL Christmas time. We are getting off topic, today we are looking at my August Haul. Let me show you whats new in the nook.

August Haul

Looking at the photos I am realizing that this haul is very skincare heavy, no makeup at all and I have some more skincare on its way. Either I have the worst skin in the world, or I just reached “junkie” status. I know that all these products will be loved as so many bloggers rave about them. Maybe this month I should have called my post “my fellow bloggers made me buy it”. Cause that is exactly what happened. Let me show you what I got.

Sephora Face Masks

I have been eyeing these masks for a while now, they were also part of my latest wish list (check it out here) I have heard from other bloggers that these mask are sooo good and for the longest time I wanted to test them myself. Over the weekend while I was at the BSS Expo I saw them and decided there and then to pick them up. I would have loved to pick up more, but they only had these three variants available. I am sure that I will do a review soon.

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules

I have had a few samples of these capsules before and I absolutely adored them. They are hydrating, nourishing and simply just luxurious. I took full advantage of the Red Carpet sale at Edgars and completely spoiled myself. Would have pick up more skin care items, but as you know by now I have a very strict budget manager…

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Mimosa

Do yourself a favor and go to an EA counter to spray this. It is divine!!! With spring on the way this is the perfect way to celebrate it and I even got this as a gift for someone very special (I could not stop myself getting her and myself one) This is a fresh and funky fragrance, makes me want to dance and have a party on the beach. Love this!

Skin Creamery Facial Cleansing Powder

I have seen this brand all over social media and everyone raves about it. Recently I also saw where they added honey into this mixture for a more hydrating exfoliation. The brand’s packaging feel and look luxurious and I was very impressed when I first saw it. I have been wanting to get this forever and I am so glad that I picked this up.

Skin Creamery Everyday Cream for Face & Body

This is one of the brand’s best sellers and I now know why. The packaging is made from frosted glass and it comes with a pump. There is also a refill available for this product at a lower price. I think that this product will soon become an instant favorite.

These were all the goodies I picked up this month, I cannot wait to start playing and give you guys some reviews. What did you pick up this month?

Love ya

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  1. Interesting review!! I love Elizabeth Arden and the capsules sound amazing. I’m not a huge fan of masks in general because I always wonder if the effects are lasting or just a one-off post mask glow hmmmm???? Maybe I should try and find out ???????????????????????? The skin creamery looks gorgeous and I keep hearing such good things about this brand. Thank you!!

    1. I have also heard only great things about Skin Creamery, really looking forward to trying them.
      I have to say, I really enjoy the Tara & Jack masks. I was recently shown how to make them go so much further, cause I hear what you say about the one use only vs price.

  2. I just read about these capsules over on inmybag and I am curious to read your post to see your thoughts on them. I have also been seeing the skin creamery products all over my social media platforms so I look forward to your reviews!
    x Rivania | The Glam Unicorn

    1. I have had some samples of the capsules and they are gorgeous, so glad I picked up the full size.
      Skin Creamery is also amazing, review is coming in Oct if I can remember correctly.

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