Beauty Edit : Under R250 – September 2017

8 September 2017

Hi guys, its Friday and the start to the weekend, happy Friday (for those of you who are not on leave like I am ????). Today I’m going to share with you my Beauty Edit : Under R250 for the month of September. I absolutely adore Good Housekeeping Magazine and I live by their words. Unfortunately this month has not been kind to me. In the past I found some lovely products but not this month. I want say right off the bat it’s not bad products, its personal taste that made them not work. You know that inner brat…

Good Housekeeping MagazineBeauty Edit : Under R250 – September

In the past I have been very lucky in finding awesome products when doing my Beauty Edit : Under R250 posts. Some of them even became monthly favorites, but this month was a different story. I have an okay product, then a “meh” product, then two “not my faves”. I will say it again, the products are not bad, it is just my personal taste that make these not work for me. Well let me stop babbling and tell you what I chose to test and which ones is which.

Rimmel London Oh My Gloss in Coralicious

I think I mentioned before that I am not the biggest fan of Lip Gloss and I was hesitant to test this one out. In the end it was the best product of the lot. It’s an oil based lip gloss that is said to have a non-sticky feeling with a pop of color. I am really enjoying this now that I am on holiday, cause it pairs well with mascara and a bit of BB Cream. There is a slight coloring, but I find that the gloss very quickly fades and then disappear. It’s not overly sticky or gloopy when applied lightly. I find it comfortable on the lips and I think this will work well over a lip liner when you want to do a more natural look. All in all not a bad product, I might not write poems about it, but it gets the job done.

Catrice Rock Couture Extreme Volume Mascara 24H

This is my “meh” product. I might be very hard on mascaras and I know it, but this one is good, just not great – at best. I do experience a little volume, but it can easily move over into clumping territory and then the fairytale turns into a nightmare. The mascara is nice and black and wears all day long without transferring or flaking which gets a big thumbs up in my book. I am just not very fond of the wand (it can get messy) and it does not layer too well for me. If you take a little bit too long before you apply the second layer you can be assured it will clump. Its an okay day to day mascara but if you are looking for something amazing, this is not it.

Yardley London Bond st Perfume Body Spray

This is where the “not my faves” start. I enjoy a good body spray. Its easy on the budget and nice to use when you get out the shower in the evening. Im definitely not going to use my expensive perfume for Mr Pillow, between the body spray and the pillow mist (to sleep better) there is enough “smelling nice” going around. But in all seriousness I find this specific body spray to be a bit too sharp, strong and overwhelming for me. I like light, sweet and floral scents appose to heavy musky scents. When I first smelled it in the cap I was very excited, but after using it for a full day it got a bit heavy. Like I said, not a bad product, it most certainly does not stink, just not my preference.

B.O.N Natural Oils Moisturizing Cleanser

This is what I absolutely love about doing these posts. I have never heard of this brand and was quite happy to discover a new brand and range. This cleanser sounded like something I would go gaga over, but in hindsight, I should have read better. When I saw the words Moisturizing Cleanser, my mind immediately jumped to “cream cleanser”. This is why it was such a let down. This is not a traditional cream cleanser but a very good moisturizing cleanser, it does not strip my skin at all, and does a very good job at cleaning. My gripe with this is the soapiness it leaves behind and the smell. Both are not offensively bad, just enough for the inner brat to prefer another product over this one.

This was my Beauty Edit : Under R250 for the month of September. Tell me what you thought of the good, the bad and the ugly and if you tried some of these products.

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Love ya

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  1. I see the nudes eyeshadow palette on the page as well, for me that was a meh too, had lots of shadow fallout. The shades are gorgeous tho but it just didn’t work for me and my contacts.

    1. I saw ppl were not impressed with the palette and I did not want to waste my time and money, R250 is a lot for something you know you might not like. So sad there was not one product I could rave about.

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