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20 September 2017

Hi guys, it is Wednesday and we are almost halfway through the week. There is a long weekend ahead, my favorite type of weekend. Please comment below what you guys are planning for “braai” weekend. Now before we get to the weekend, lets first get through today’s post, My current favorite skincare. This was hard to narrow down, and I limited myself to 5 products otherwise I would have shown you most of my skincare.

Current favorite sincare

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

This is my holy grail cleanser, for a while it was taken off the South African market but has since been brought back. Thank heavens!!! As you can see mine is almost finished (just like all the other goodies in today’s post, they all are standing on their last leg) and I already have a back up. This balm is good for removing mascara, liner, eyeshadow and even liquid lipstick, EVERYTHING!!!! It goes on like a balm and then with the heat from your fingers turns into an oil that emulsify if you add a few drops of water. I find that it does not irritate my skin, sting my eyes or strip my skin of its natural oils. This Clinique balm is gentle and soft on the skin and is my ride or die cleansing balm. I compare all other balms to this one.

Avène Gentle Milk Cleansers

Im a huge fan of milk cleansers, its hands down my favorite formula of cleansers. This one in particular is amazing cause of the pump and the way it performs. After using my Clinique cleansing balm, I will use this cleanser in my double cleanse routine. It catches everything the cleansing balm did not remove and get rid of impurities while keeping my face moisturized. A little goes a very long way and I enjoy a more moisturizing cleanser in the evenings, appose the a shine control one in the mornings. This cleanser really is gentle on the skin, but effective at the same time and I can see why it is such a cult favorite.

Placecol AHA Exfoliating Cream

This is sooo old and I should have gotten rid of it long ago, but its such a good exfoliator that I’ll be using it till the last drop. Even the Placecol product packaging has changed. The  fruit enzymes make for an excellent and healthy exfoliation to remove dull, dry and dead skin cells. Most of all I enjoy the smell, its rich and fruity and packed with goodness. Thinking of picking up a new one maybe….
Anyway, this is such an awesome exfoliator that does not dry out my skin, but leaves is soft like a baby’s butt.

Tara & Jack Le Masque  with Apple stem Cells

I have done a full review on these masks here, click the link to check it out. This is a spa experience at home with a scientific twist. You get a shaker tub that you combine the powder with some water to create a paste. These masks are extremely luxurious and this particular one make my skin feel smooth and soft and looking healthy. It applies best with a flat foundation brush and is easy to use and rinse off. You can get multiple uses from it and store it in the fridge for up to 10 days. The Beautiful store often has got specials on these masks and I highly recommend you pick this one up and try another form the range.

Elizabeth Arden Skin Illumination Capsules

These capsules are currently my favorite from the whole Elizabeth Arden capsule range. They contain a serum rather than an oil and I find them to be extra hydrating and moisturizing. Unlike the golden capsules these are not as rich in formula, they feel lighter on the skin. They are the perfect end to a skincare routine after a good exfoliation. Also, they smell amazingly clean and fresh. Everyone should try these.

Now I did not mention my trustee old Superstart Serum because I do not only find it a super favorite, but its a necessity and I have talked about it way too much on my blog. I did however wanted to give it an honorable mention. Yes, it might come at a high price point, but it is worth every last cent.

What is your current favorite skincare items, please share them with us in the comments below.

Love ya.

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    1. The cleansing balm is amazing, I can not live without it. The capsules has got a very nice formula and feel to them, you can ask for samples before you purchase (I would recommend that).

    1. Which cleansing milks are you trying out at the moment?
      Do you think that most milk cleansers perform more or less on the same level?
      Thank you for popping by?

      1. I think some milk cleansers can leave your skin feeling greasy while others just leave it feeling soft and clean. The Avene one is amazing, but I’m on a bit of a budget right now, so been using the Garnier one and I have noticed that i have to wipe my face clean with a warm damp cloth to leave it NOT feeling greasy, whereas the Avene one can be splashed off, tissued off or wiped off with a cloth and you always get left with clean, soft skin, no greasy feeling!

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