Review : L’Occitane Hand Creams

25 September 2017

Hi guys, this post should have gone up last week sometime and things happened. But rather late than never, right? Now today I have a bit of and expensive review, but its super luxurious and such a spoil. Today I will be reviewing the L’Occitane Hand Creams and spoiler alert I love them!! Lets jump into the Review : L’Occitane Hand Creams.

Last year when the holiday sets came out I came across the Arlésienne range. I immediately fell in love and purchased a set with a mini hand cream and a lip gloss. I also subscribed to their loyalty program and it happened to be close to my birthday so I received a beautiful gift. There was a soap bar, a hand cream, foam bath and a body oil in it. Since receiving the hand cream I used it sparingly as it was soooo amazing, I even featured it in a recent monthly favorites post here.

As the hand cream I received was only 10ml I decided I’ll purchase the one for 30ml. The sales consultant (bless his soul) did not only convince me to buy the full size, but he also convinced me to buy the combo. At that stage the hand mask/cream was a new launch and they were selling them as a combo at a great price! I could not resist, and I did not need a lot of convincing. So here we are today looking at a quick review.

Review : L’Occitane Hand Creams


This cream is something special, it comes in a metallic tube that is hosted in a normal cardboard box with a sticker at the neck of the tube. But when you open it and use it, there is nothing normal about this cream. The best way I can describe the tube is it looks like a big toothpaste tube. The lid is rather easy to remove due to octagon shape and is very minimalistic. In fact I think this packaging is very “own” to L’occitane. When you look at this type of packaging you immediately associate it with the brand.


Both of these hand creams has got a similar formula. It penetrates the skin extremely quickly without leaving a greasy film afterwards. You can get back to typing within a minute or two without leaving oily marks behind. The biggest difference between the two is the % of Shea Butter it contains. The original hand cream contains 20% and the new one 25%. They feel rich and moisturizing and the smell is divine. The smell is derived from a blend between Jasmine and ylang-ylang essence. It truly is a big spoil using this hand cream.

Directions & Outcome

It is said to use a small amount on the back of your hands (a little goes a long way). Use circular motions and massage the cream from the back of your hands to your palms, in-between your fingers. Lastly use what ever is left and massage it into your knuckles and down your fingers. This way you will get the best results leaving you with long lasting soft and smooth healthy skin. The white tube can also be used as a hand mask for very dry skin. Use a generous amount and leave it on the skin for about 15 mins. Once the time is up, you can massage the rest of the cream into your hands to soothe and nourish dry and damaged skin.

I can truly feel a difference between using these hand creams appose to other brands. Its super luxurious and nourishing. I absolutely adore these creams and they make awesome prezzies as well.

Pricing & Availability

Each tube will set you back R395 for the 150ml and R145 for the 30ml. So although the initial capital outlay might be high, but getting the 150ml is the more economical choice. The 30ml’s make for awesome gifts to friends and family.

You can pick these up form any L’Occitane store (checkout their website to locate your closest store) and you can also order online.

Have you tried these hand creams or any other products from L’Occitane before? If so tell me about it in the comments below.

Love ya

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    1. Its very easy you basically just fill out a form if I remember correctly. But you have to purchase something in the month of your birthday to qualify for the gift. But its so worth it.

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