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Review : Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor

13 September 2017

Hi guys, being on holiday caught up with me and my schedule got a bit out of wack. But like they say: “rather late, than never”. We had a lovely holiday, spent with both our families and are happy to be back home. Unfortunately all good things need to come to an end and we need to get back to the grind stone. Atleast the post I prepared for today is a good one. Review : Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor.

Review : Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor


The packaging on this lipstick is pretty and well designed. It is a chubby pencil stick with a beautiful metallic finish on the outside and a see through cap. You twist the bottom part to reveal more product – like most lipsticks. My only question is why the tube is so long if you are not even getting half of what it can fit. It is no real downside, I just really enjoy this lipstick and would have been ecstatic if I got that much more. The tip of the lipstick is designed for sculpting and to ease application.


Revlon describe the formula to be lightweight yet high definition. I absolutely agree 100% with them. The color is vibrant and rich, yet hydrating and soft on the lips due to the hyaluronic acid it contains. As this is a gel based lipstick, it glides on like a dream without skipping or looking patchy. There is a beautiful shine and glossiness to my lips and I do not mind having to reapply this lipstick.

Staying Power

Because these lippies are so hydrating and gentle on the lips they unfortunately do not last for hours and hours. But I have said it before and I will say it again, I do not mind reapplying a lipstick if its hydrating on the lips. I get a good two hours of wear but it does not stand up to lunch. Eating and drinking is not this lipstick’s friend, unless you eat something without it touching your lips and that is no way to enjoy food. They are easy to reapply without having to jump through any hoops. A lip liner can extend the wear time but I find its easier to just quickly touch up every now and again.

Color Range

There are 15 high definition colors in this range that vary from red, pinks, nudes to even bright colors. On the Revlon website you can see how these lipstick colors look on people of different skin color. There is about 7 ladies with different skin tones and colors and you can compare how this should more or less look on you. I think the range is rather comprehensive with different tones of most colors. They cater for a large group of people as most colors are a “comfortable” type of color. Yes, there are some wacky bright colors, but those are only for the brave people.

Where to find

You can pick these up at any Revlon counter from Edgars, Foscinis, Truworths and their online stores. Clicks and Dis-Chem also stock Revlon and I would suggest you wait for a 3for2 sale then you can pick up more colors.


They retail for R185 which is up there if you think of Revlon as “drugstore”. You only get 1.7g as appose to lets say a standard MAC lipstick which is 3g @ R240. Now if my maths is correct this means that you pay R80 per gram on a MAC lipstick and almost R109 on these Revlon lippies. I am going to leave you with that…

Is it worth it?

If you are a lipstick junkie, then this is a nice to have lipstick. I have enjoyed it and I would recommend it to friends and family. But to people who wear makeup cause they have to and not cause they want to, there are cheaper alternatives out there that can achieve the same look and feel.

I have featured this lippie here when I did a haul way back in July and even then I could tell that they were very comfortable. If you have tried these, let me know what you thought of them and which colors you picked up.

Love ya

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  1. I am not the biggest revlon fan but I will give these a swatch when I run into them. I do however thin the price point is a bit steep for a drugstore lipstick

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