Unboxing my Boxycharm Aug 2017

6 September 2017

Getting my Boxycharm each month is like getting a birthday present every month (without getting older). Yes, I do stalk the spoiler sites at least once a day, so very little is left as a surprise. But as they unveil each product I get more and more excited to receive my box. Simone from An Ordinary Gal and myself send the spoilers over to each other as soon as one of us come across one. Today I will be unboxing my Boxycharm for the month of August. Also please visit my friend’s post here as well and show her some love.

Unboxing my Boxycharm

Boxycharm is a US subscription box that you can get for $21. It works out to about R280 + R120 courier fees through Aramex. Each box come with 5 full size products and the box is valued over R1500 each month. I think this month was my favorite so far, its the 5th box I have received.

Bellapierre Gel Eye Liner

Every women needs a good black liner just like a LBD (little black dress). Now, what makes a liner a good liner? It needs to be creamy and pigmented without fading or smudging. It is not nice to put on some liner and 10 mins later you look like a raccoon. I have played a bit with this liner, but need some more investigation to really form an opinion.

Aloette Lip & Cheek Tint

I have not opened this product as I am not sure yet if I want to add it to giveaway or just gift to a friend. Im not the biggest fan of lip and cheek tints, I already have an oily skin so I tend to gravitate more towards powder products. I can however see how this product can create a beautiful monochrome look for the lips and cheeks.

Royal & Langnickel Brush set

This brush set is awesome! The handles are super unique, like nothing else I have in my collection. They are criss crossed and almost rubberized on the handles. And do not get me started on how soft the bristles are? I have tried the powder brush and the blending brush and I find myself reaching for them more and more. The blending brush is my favorite so far, it can do some nice precise work while blending nicely. Thank you Boxycharm.

PUR Pro Eyelashes

Lashes can transform your look instantly from “meh” to “wah-voom”. These lashes looks like it can add tons of volume to your lashes. It is said that these lashes can last up to 30 wears. This is incredible, hope I get invited to an event soon so that I can use these lashes. They are beautiful and fluttery and sooo pretty.

Tarte Rainforest of the sea Volume II

This for me was the star of the box. I have been looking forward to this since we got the spoiler way back in July. Not only is the packaging gorgeous, but the shades are just what I like. 8 Cool toned neutrals that is creamy and easy to blend. I found that they are not overly pigmented but these shades are very buildable, so with a little bit of work and blending you can achieve that deep blown out look.

Unboxing my Boxycharm this month was almost the highlight of my month. I can and will use most of the items in this box. The standouts being the palette and the brushes. What would you like to test from this unboxing?

Love ya

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    1. I recommend the Tarte palette and the brushes. The palette can be perfect for the weekend to use a light color so you do not look too “made-up” and the brushes are just stunning. I am sure you will enjoy them.

    1. Thank you so much my friend. The palette is gorgeous. Other than the palette I’m testing out this is the only one I brought with me on my holiday. LOVING it ❤️

  1. Mine got stuck in customs…Boo:( and Aramex isn’t quite helpful when it comes to how they handle the customs process. I’ve been waiting over a week

    1. Simone had terrible luck with her box as customs as well, they are now seeing an influx in Boxycharm entering the country. They are looking to charge us customs on the full amount. Hope you get your box soon. Its a fantastic box.

  2. I would love to oder boxycharm. But must still get around to setting up a Globalshopper account.

    1. Thank you for stopping by.
      I would suggest you just hang on a while. AGS is queuing the value of the box and want to charge us customs on the real value. Maybe hold on until that is sorted, every now and again they lift the waitlist, but if they dnt, the wait usually last about three weeks.
      Furthermore click through to Simone’s post, she has got a link to either join free or at a discounted rate.

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