Beauty Edit : Under R250 October 2017

6 October 2017

HI guys, Friday has arrived and we have survived the week. I should really stop looking forward to the weekends like this, I am wishing away my life. Anyway, off topic… Today I am chatting you through some budget buys from the Good Housekeeping Magazine. Beauty Edit : Under R250 October 2017.

Beauty Edit : Under R250 October 2017

I absolutely love this magazine. The moment it drops I am there to pick it up and study it. You can quiz me from front to back. I live and breathe Good Housekeeping. They have something for every one and I feel that they focus on the everyday women. Someone like me, who needs advice on cleaning and gadgets and decorating my house. Go check them out, they also have a digital version. But today I want to share with you their budget beauties like I do each month since March.

L.A. Girl Glow Palette

L.A. Girl came out with four (correct me if I’m wrong) face palettes. A while ago I picked up 2 from the range and I find them very helpful and travel friendly. But in saying that I have not reached for them in ages until eyeing them in GH. So I took this one out and re-tested it over the past few days and this is what I have to say. The highlight shade is not for me. I know I always say my shade is the one next to “see-through”, but I do not need to compete with Casper. Its got a slight gold shift to it and I find it chalky and stiff. The bronzer and the two blusher shades are better. I find that the bronzer is a bit softer and the color is a good match for my skin tone. It gets the job done, but not as effortlessly as some of my other bronzers. The blushers is a bit of a goldy locks situation The one is too light and the other is too intense, but swirled together the create the perfect color.

Revlon Colorstay Crème Eye Shadows

These shadows are effortless, they work well and they are affordable. I have done a full review here, so if you want to read my thoughts on them, please click the link. There are 12 shades in the range with only one matte color. Most of them are shimmery or metallic. If you are looking to replace your MAC paint pot with this, its not going to perform the same. Although it acts well as a base to add other colors on top, it does not really act as a primer. But in all honesty that is not what its intended for. These shadows can be worn as an all over the lid shade, or you can try and blend them with other powders. All in all they are awesome, and even better on a 3for2 sale at Clicks

Dove DermaSpa Goodness Silky Body Oil

This product smells delicious! Its like a spa in a bottle. Although there is micro shimmers in this oil it does not translate onto your skin and turn you into one of the vampires from Twilight. In finding the best way to use this oil I also nearly killed my husband, do not use this in the shower and then rinse it off. It WILL make the floor super slippery. All jokes set aside, this oil sinks in rather fast and provide hydration to very dry skin. I feel it can sometimes be more effective than a body cream. A little also goes a long way and its somewhere around R100. I have done a review of some of the products form the DermaSpa range here.

Rimmel The only 1 Matte Lipstick in Take the Stage

I have already featured this lippie in my May Beauty Edit. If you are looking for a bold red lip, then look no further. This lipstick it bold and rich in color. It is rather comfy on the lips and fade relatively even. This is a true matte from the get go. No glossy shine that then settles matte, its MATTE. Like I said the previous time I looked at it, this lipstick does not cling to dry patches but it does accentuate them. What I mean by this is cause of the awesome comfy formula it does not cling to those dry patches and make you want to rip the skin off your lips. But it does show the dry patches cause of the matte formula. So it feels nice, but it does not necessarily look nice. Best is to always exfoliate and hydrate when you know that you are going to wear a good red lip. Speaking about red lips, check out this post here.

Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor

  1. Unlike the previous lippie, these are totally toned down. They are moisturizing on the lips and easy to apply. No Huss, no fuss kind of lipsticks. The colors I picked up is very office appropriate although there are some exciting colors in the range as well. I have recently done a full review here and would love it you can check it out. They contain hyaluronic acid that add extra hydration, combined with a gel color pigmentation. This is almost like the best of both worlds, color mixed with moisture. I want to say that these are just a step above a tinted lip balm.

This month there was a whopping 30 budget friendly makeup products each under R300. I have heard that it will be back to normal from next month again. If you have tried any of these products mentioned above, let us know in the comments below what you thought of them. Beauty Edit Under R250 : October 2017.

love ya.

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