Review : Elizabeth Arden Lasting Impression Mascara

11 October 2017

HI guys, happy Wednesday! I hope that you all are having a good week so far. My Dad is coming to visit in just over a week, so I am hard at work getting everything ready and to have some post ready. That way I will not have to work as hard that week, but I will still be online. Anyway, off topic. Today I am sharing with you my thoughts when I Review : Elizabeth Arden Lasting Impression Mascara. I received this a while back and have been using it non stop!

Review : Elizabeth Arden Lasting Impression Mascara


I am absolutely in love with this black and gold vibe, it adds some elegance and mystery. Right off the bat I can tell that this is suppose to be a mascara that is suppose to add volume. The tube has has got a matte feeling to it with a glossy lid. Now, lets talk about the wand cause it has got a very interesting shape. It has a broader brush that gets tapered towards the end. This makes it easier to get into the inner corners. The bristles are also miss matched when it comes to length and shape. This was something to get use to in the beginning, but I now quote enjoy it as it catches all the eyelashes as you move from side to side.


This mascara was already featured in a favorites post here, so I guess that the cat is out the bag – I love this mascara. I fell in love with this mascara since the first time I used it. It lasts all day, does not smudge, flake or transfer and its very black. All the things I want from a good mascara. Furthermore, it creates volume to my lashes, enough for me to notice, but nothing to write home about. The reason why I love it so much is that its a bit of an all rounder. It creates equal part volume, length and it separates my lashes beautifully. The other amazing deal with this mascara is that it contains peptides that assist in growing healthy lashes, who does not like that?

The Deeds

You can pick this mascara up from any Edgars, Fochini, Trutworths and some Woolworths or their online stores @ R365. Is this as good as the Grand Entrance Mascara? My honest opinion is no, but its a close second. I truly enjoy this mascara and I will definitely repurchase it one day.

If you have tried this mascara, share your thoughts in the comments below.

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