Beauty Edit : Under R250 November 2017

15 November 2017

Hi guys! Is it just me or is anything other than breathing just too much effort this time of the year. I feel the need to start each day with some kind of beauty treatment. A massage or a facial  or something and then a permanent coffee drip the rest of the day. Anyway we are here to chat about my Beauty Edit : Under R250 November 2017.

Beauty Edit : Under R250 November 2017

In every Beauty Edit post I rave about the Good Housekeeping Magazine and they deserve every rave and so much more. They really do cater for every level of a women’s life. It’s like having a on-the-go wikipedia. They help in the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom. They give advice on finances, parenting, beauty. It truly is an all rounder magazine and I can not recommend them enough. If you have never picked up one of their magazines, close this page, get off the couch and go purchase one, it will change your life.

Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

I got these masks at Foschini when they had a three for two sale in October after looking every where for them. There are three different variations, each to cater for a different skin type or problem. At the back it will indicate what problem it targets and how long to wear the mask for. So far I have been enjoying these masks (I am on a bit of a face mask expedition at the moment). The tissue mask is easy to handle, move around and to fit the contours of your face. Each mask smell clean and fresh and so nice and it has made my skin look plump and healthy. There was a tiny bit of tingling in the first 5 minutes, but very quickly subsided. I enjoy these masks and will most probably repurchase.

Johnson’s Tissue Oil

This has been on my “want-to-need” list since it launched and when it was featured on the Beauty Edit : Under R250 November 2017 page I jumped at the opportunity to try it. Firstly, let us chat about that pump. It prevents this bottle from becoming an oily mess within the first use. It is quite a strong mister, so do not spray it too far from the skin. Then the liquid is very runny (its an oil Melanie!) and it spreads easily and sinks into the skin very quickly. The smell is gorgeous and I am hoping to see some great results as they claim that you can see some results in as little as 4 weeks. Skin should look firmer and healthier and who does not like that? I think this will work wonders in conjunction with my  But First scrub (check out my October Haul).

Revlon Colorstay Crème Eye Shadow

I have mentioned these shadows a couple of times on the blog and I have also done a full review here. Usually when you receive a brush with your makeup palette / shadows they are the first to be chucked out, even before the slip and the plastic cover cause they are usually crap. In this case the brush that clips into the lid is an enhancement. It packs a punch that no finger or normal brush can do. The only downside is cleaning it or sticking it back into the lid with some product still on. The performance of these shadows are amazing and I have already mentioned them in a favourites post before, here. The range has got one matte and the rest is shimmers and metallics. They bring a beautiful shine to a look, even a daytime look and I think they are great, even better on a Clicks 3for2 sale.

These were all the goodies I tested from the Beauty Edit page. Please let me know what your thoughts were if you tested some of these products.

Love ya

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