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21 November 2017

Happy Tuesday!!! As promised we are doing 5 posts this week. Yesterday I announced the last week of my Brithday Giveaway week series, so go check it out here. Thank you so much to Rachelle from The Beautiful Store who is sponsoring this week’s goodies. Guys, go check out her online store right now for amazing skincare, makeup and some beauty tools. In today’s post I will be sharing with you my favourite Tara & Jack masks.

My Favourite Tara & Jack Masks

These Tara & Jack masks are simply amazing. They make you feel like a scientist while mixing the powder and water, then they make you feel like a beautician. Picture this, a pretty head band in you hair while using a flat foundation brush applying these masks. And then lastly, being wisked away to some fancy spa while you are right in the comfort of your own home. They are luxurious and super fancy and best of all, my skin absolutely loves them.

A little while back I bought all the face masks when they were on sale (you get the same amount free as what you buy). So I ordered one of each and also got one of each for free. As I have already done a full review here, I will be sharing with you my favourite Tara & Jack masks from the range.

Shaker Mask with Apple Stem Cells

This mask is the first one I tried, it was also the one that most people recommend I get and also the one I recommend to everyone. Are you catching my drift? This is the clear favourite from the whole lot and rightful so. The mask sets in a gel type of consistency and it makes my skin feel like a cloud of air. Soft, smooth and healthy. The mixture smells nice and it feels refreshing on my skin.


Sensitive Skin Mask with Bilberry Extract & Vitamin C

Oh what fun I had with this mask, its quite interesting. So this mask becomes like a silicon consistency, but like in a fun and good way. You have to work very fast, cause this mixture sets REAL quick. After you had the mask on for the required amount of time, you can peel it right off, it is insanely satisfying! Once again my skin feels pampered, plump and healthy after using this mask. you may find this is a great mask to use when your skin is feeling inflamed or irritated and you are looking for something to make it calm down a bit.

Gold Radiance and Glamour Shaker Mask

Got some fancy party or function? This mask will be your best friend! Pop this mask on when you get out of the shower and see how it brings new life to your skin. It has gold flecks in the powder that will make sure you look radiant and glowy. This mask is sure to make you feel like a real A-list celebrity for-sure. I like to use this mask before I put my makeup on before a party or event. It helps to even out my skin slightly and it make my makeup sit so much nicer on the skin.


Some Tips and Tricks

  • First of all do not be the idiot I was and use the whole sachet in one go. Take the time, do the math and then you can get a good two to three uses out of each mask.
  • If there is still some product left, pop it into the fridge and use it again soon. You can store the masks in the fridge for up to 10 days, max!
  • Share with your friends! These masks make the perfect b-day or even Christmas gift to a beauty junkie friend or family member.

These are my favourite Tara & Jack masks and I will always recommend them. Have you tried these yet? If not, go check them out and order yourself some, you will not regret them.

Love ya

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