Haul : October 2017

10 November 2017

Hi guys, hope you all had an awesome week. Lately there are so many new goodies I want to try, but so little room the budget manager has left me. No bribes (even the hubba hubba kind), threats or blackmail will change that fact. The goodies I did pick up might not all be newly launched but to me all new goodies are just as exciting. Lets jump into my Haul : October 2017.

Haul : October 2017

Inoar Help Detox Shampoo and Ampule

I got these end of September or beginning of October from The beautiful store. If you have not ordered from them yet, go check out their site right now using the link to their store. They have an amazing product range and are constantly branching out and stocking new brands. Now I was looking for a shampoo that will help to get rid of product build up in my hair and Rachelle suggested this range from the new Inoar line. I will be posting a review soon, it’s a lovely range and it smells incredible.

But First Body Scrub in Coffee Mint

I ordered this together with the shampoo from The Beautiful store and the scrub looked super interesting online. It most definitely smells like coffee and mint and I am hoping that this will be my saving grace this summer. I need to exfoliate my body more often and with this exhilarating smell I can not see why not. Besides, just look at the packaging, who would not want to buy this, there is also a coffee vanilla scent scrub. Which one would you prefer?

Loreal Gentle Makeup Remover  – EYE

To be 100% honest, I am not sure when this launched, if its new or not but I have been seeing it loads this past couple of weeks and I think the subliminal messaging worked cause I picked it up out of curiosity. There are so many half used micellar waters in my drawer and yet I went ahead and bought another one. All in the search for the perfect micellar water!

Telescopic Mascara

My friend Simone form An Ordinary Gal is always talking about this mascara and she has only good things to say. So what kind of friend would I be if I did not test this out? The wand is totally different to all my other mascaras and I can not wait to try it. I am hoping for extra long length and no transfer. Holding thumbs.

Tickled Pink Fragrance

Every year Edgars sells this fragrance and the proceeds go towards cancer charities. In the beginning this smelled like heaven to me, now I buy it more out of habit as I do not enjoy the scent anymore. Its way too sickly sweet, but it’s for a good cause. I might gift this to a friend or maybe my sister.

Kérastase Densifique Shampoo

Now this was maybe another subliminal messaging purchase. All over social media I saw the Moroccan Oil products and I so badly wanted to try the oil. After speaking to the consultant she explained why it would not work for my hair and how this is a much better solution to my problem. Now I have become somewhat of a haircare snob as I enjoy the higher end of the scale type of products. So lets hope that this will not be a disappointment.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless

This is a hot product. It has recently been launched and everyone and their mother is trying it out. I am almost 10000% sure the foundation is too dark for me but we will make it work somehow. I am considering purchasing shade 110 and mixing the two as the other one looks too light. The powder I am hoping will balance the foundation’s color and will keep me matte and powerless. High claims for an oily skinned girl.

Cala Powder Brush

Last but not least is this brush that my sister bought for me when they were visiting. Years ago I put together a “makeup starter kit” for her as a Christmas gift and when she was here she brought the brush with. Heavens alone know why I only bought her one cause I fell in love the moment is used it on my face. It was one similar to this and I am so thankful to my little sister for this gift.

These are all the goodies for my Haul : October 2017. I will test and try and play and on some products I will do full reviews later this month. Let me know in the comments below what you got to spoil yourself with.

Love ya.

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