Human+Kind vs The Body Shop – Cleansing Cloths

28 November 2017

For the purpose of this post and the fact that I do not want to put you off of makeup I have used fresh cleansing cloths. These has not been used yet, they are still fluffy and clean. Not like the ones currently in use, all stained with mascara and eyeliner. Currently I switch between these two cloths in my cleansing routine. And today I will share my thought on why I love them both.

Cleansing Cloths

Just like family members you get to choose which one you like more at any given stage in your life. That is exactly how I feel about these two cleansing cloths. The one week I’ll be all gagga over the H+K one and the other week I’ll only use the TBS one. Both of them has a good side to them, and both has got things I’d love to change. But in the end they are both outstanding products that I recommend to all my friends and family.

Human + Kind – Deep Cleansing Cloths

This is a soft and fluffy cloth that has got two sides to it. The one side is super soft and smooth with the other just as soft but a bit more textured. I think the textures side is for when you need a bit more from your cleansing cloth, like adding a bit of exfoliation.

It is sowed all around the edges so that it will not unravel on you. The material feel like good quality, but not that town feeling. Its much thinner, yet still quite durable. It gets stained very easily by mascara, eye liner and other dark makeup or skincare. But the best part is that you can throw this cloth in the washing machine and it will be brought back to life. I find that after a while it becomes light grey cause I do not like to throw my cloth into harsh chemicals to keep it super white.

Now, you use to be able to get this brand from Clicks, but I think they have discontinued stocking it. You can either purchase direct from the Human+Kind website or place and online order with The beautiful Store. I have featured this in a favourites post before, so you better believe me that its awesome.

You can either purchase a cleanser (R150) that includes one of these cloths, to purchase a pack of two (R80). Either way I think that these cloths can make be an amazing addition to a thank you gift, a Birthday gift. Or even better, if you wrap some Lindt chocolates you can give it to you child’s teacher for the end of the year.

The Body Shop – Luxurious Facial Flannel

Currently this one is my favourite and the one I have been in love for for the past few weeks. Its like a shammy for my face. It does not tug at the skin and it feels super soft. Taking off mascara and liner is a dream but do not be fooled. These cleansing cloths can only take so much beatings before this one will also start to stain. I have not tried these in the washing machine, but since I have a backup, guess what I’m throwing into the washing machine this weekend.

When you first take this cloth out of the packet, it is nice and soft and movable. But after the first use it dries kinda hard – Just like a shammy does. Wait is it called a shammy, let me check. yes! Under running water it goes back to being this soft amazing and smooth cloth that can do magic. I want to say that this cleans my face better than normal face cloths. Maybe its because there is not thread that the product can stick to, so it removes more in one swipe. Its also easier to clean after using, even black charcoal masks is no match for this facia flannel.

I have just stocked up with the 3for2 sale that The Body Shop is running. They retail for R65 which is almost giving them away. The Body Shops masks are my favourite skin care items and I think this will be great to pair with as a gift. You can get away with something under R200 and put together a stunning gift.

Like choosing you favourite sibling, its impossible to say it out loud, But secretly you have a favourite. I love both and I can recommend both, but I think it comes down to preference. If you have tried any of the two cleansing cloths let me know what you thought and which one you prefer.

Love ya

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