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Review : Inoar Help Detox Range

22 November 2017

You have made it to the middle of the week. Congratulations!!! Soon it will be weekend again and then we start the rat race all over again.  This weekend is going to be a very exciting and busy weekend as most of you know Im turning 30. There are some exciting things planned and I can not wait for the weekend to arrive. But first there is some work to be done, some blog post need to spring to live, I need to bake some treats for the office and then something else they call a day job….

Review : Inoar Help Detox Range

I have mentioned before on my blog that I am trying really hard to wash my hair less often to try and prevent it from getting super oily, super fast. In trying to solve this one problem I have essentially created one or two more slightly smaller ones. Dry shampoo used to be my best friend, but then my hair got really long and it just became too expensive. Now I am hooked on baby powder! Oh the horror! I know, its not the best but it works wonders. My biggest problem now is buildup. That is when Rachelle from The beautiful store suggested I try this shampoo and it’s a winner! Let me tell you why.

Inoar Help Detox Shampoo

Lets start with the packaging, I find it bright and it grabs my attention. I certainly needed some help with my hair. The cap twist open open right at the top, you squeeze the product out. I think I would have enjoyed the conventional caps better, just because I’m always in a hurry. But in saying that I want to say that this way it also saves product by not over using or messing everywhere. It’s just a matter of adapting for me. The shampoo (product) smells divine, I cannot put my finger on it but it, it’s kinda fruity and smells clean and nice.

The shampoo itself is clear of any colour and work extremely well. I will rate the performance a good 4 out of 5. My hair feels cleaner for longer without feeling stripped or dried out. I will have to say this, I first need to do a little bit of pre-wash before this lathers up nicely, but then again most shampoos doesn’t lather up the first time I wash my hair (cause of the powder buildup). But after the pre-wash this baby works like a dream and I have received many compliments on my hair after using this shampoo.

Ingredients like D-Panthenol helps to lock in the moisture making your hair look softer, hydrated and shiny.Tocopheryl Acetate is like vitamine E and oxcidants that helps woth cell generation. Rosmarinus Officinalis Extract helps to strengthen the strands. See this shampoo is not just a prety face, it has sounk as well.

Inoar Help Ampule

This has the same packaging as the rest of the range, it is very eye catching and I love the colours. The serum (if that is what I can call it) comes in a plastic tiny bottle with a screw on cap. Its very easy to use in the shower because of the wide opening, but also very easy to accidentally use too much product at once. So it’s a blessing and a problem all at once. The consistency of the product is quite weird, its a bit lumpy but this does not affect the performance in any way. The bottle does not have any directions in English, so I used my imagination and used this product as a serum. It smells just like the shampoo, only more intense.

The performance of this serum was very pleasant. It made my hair soft and manageable, but did not feel as rich as a conditioner would. It washed out easily and left my hair smooth and smelling amazing. I have one use left and will most probably repurchase it again.

Please let me know in the comments below if you have tried anything from the Inoar range, and what you thoughts on it. Also visit The Beautiful Store and check out all the Inoar products they offer.

Love ya

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