Review : Skin Creamery Cream & Exfoliator

23 November 2017

Hi guys, hope you are all doing well and that the week so far has been good. Today is officially the last day of being 29. Tomorrow I’m entering the dirty thirties. Some ladies I know cried their eyes out and others embraced it. I think I’m just too busy and disorganised to actually care about the number. I can attest to that with this post being another super late post. But let’s not delay anymore. Today we are reviewing the Skin Creamery Cream & Exfoliator.

Review : Skin Creamery Cream & Exfoliator

I have been wanting to try the Skin Creamery for such a long time. I always looked at the pictures on social media and a little while ago I just took the plunge. It was a huge spoil and after trying these products I want to try the whole range. The ingredients looks to be very natural and organic. There is a facial oil and a skin tonic I want to try, but let’s chat about the products I have been testing so far. The whole feel of the brand is natural, earthy and clean.

Skin Creamery Coconut Jojoba Baobab – The Everyday Cream For Face& Body

This cream comes in the most beautiful frosted glass bottle. The other plus point is the pump – It makes life so much easier and less messy. The scent at first was a little bit odd to me, but I very quickly became use to it and now I even find it soothing. It has a very earthy, minty smell to and it makes me think of something I would have gotten at a safari lodge.

The formulation of this cream is on the thicker side, but it does not feel rich and heavy. It rather feels lightweight and sinks into the skin super-fast. It’s hydrating and moisturising without leaving that oily, greasy feeling behind. I find it very luxurious and it will make such a good present for a friend of family member on their birthday or for Christmas.

I really enjoy this cream but it does not help for crocodile skin at all. I find that it is an easy everyday cream and it very nice to keep on your desk or vanity for an all over rub each day. If you want to fight already dry and de-hydrated skin I think one should maybe try another product from their range.

A refill is also available, which means you do not have to repurchase the glass bottle every time. The refill is a smidge cheaper. I think this is a beautiful everyday (like the name suggest) cream that will keep you skin looking and feeling moisturised, hydrated and healthy.

Skin Creamery Baobab Bentonite Buchu Facia Cleansing Powder

I was excited to try the cream, but this powder intrigued me even more. It is a dark grey powder that you add water to turn it into a paste. You then apply the paste onto the areas that you would like to exfoliate. If you are like me, its my whole face and then some. Now there is a slight fragrance to the powder, but nothing overpowering. To me it just smells clean (like, if love was a colour, what would it be). I’m getting off topic ????????‍♀️.

The packaging is so cute and innovative. You get a cork lid that fits into this beautiful white glass bottle. It feels like I am opening a potion (maybe a love potion). The packaging really feels like a luxurious range and it fits well with the cream as well. You can see there is a great co-hesivenss in the range. This also makes me think of the safari lodges.

Now when it comes to performance this is a mighty potion in a tiny bottle. Although the powder is rather finely milled it still has got some grit to it without being too abrasive. It just clears out my pores and leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth. She most definitely did not disappoint. I highly recommend you check this product out first!

If you have tried anything from the range, please leave your thoughts in the comments below or leave a link to your review, would love to check it out.

Love ya.

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