Boxycharm Fails 2017

26 January 2018

I stalk my Boxycharm delivery on a daily basis, in fact more than once a day. It brings me joy to see what we will possibly be getting in our box. And then to share my excitement with Simone from An Ordinary Girl Blog over what each of us got. Unfortunately not all the products worked for me so today I’m going to chat about my Boxycharm fails for 2017.

Boxycharm Fails

Measurable Difference Concealer Collection

I can see why this would be thought as a good item to include int a box. You can use different shades for different uses like highlighting and bronzing and contouring, but no! This did not float my boat, I do not like the consistency and the shades are all warm shades. Why I have not gotten rid of it yet is a mystery to me. And if I can remember this was expensive!!!

Studion Makeup Luminous Loose Blush

The problem is in the titel. Luminous and Loose Blush. I already have problematic skin and do not need my makeup products to accentuate that. I find it difficult to work with this blush because it is messy, powder goes everywhere and I an like a loose canon when applying it. The other thing I do not like is that is a bit on the shiny side. My cheeks are already glistening with natural oils that I am wishing and hiding away. I most certainly do not want my blush to undo all the prep I have done before. I will say this though the powder is super soft and blends well, it just not my type of product. You know the break up phase : “It’s not you, it’s me”. Maybe this is what is going on here.

The BrowGal by Tanya Crooks.

The brush that came with this box is amazing and I still use it often. However not the same can be said about this brow powder. I dot know if I did not give this product enough time to shine but I just felt that it did nothing to my brows. The powders are pigmented and they are super soft. But I just felt underwhelmed.

Laga Cloud Lips in Storm

I have to admit this colour completely put me off. Its not just outside of my comfort zone, its outside of the comfort universe! I am a pink or red kinda girl, wearing a coral colour is stepping outside my comfort zone for me. This is purely a preference type of thing!

Aloette Face Paint Tint

Not a fan of products like this. I find them difficult to work with and the end result is usually not worth the hassle. Maybe I just do not have the right tools but I could not get this to work and look decent. I very much resembled a circus clown when I try to use something like this.

Hairgurt Smoothing Yogurt Shampoo

This is definitely a “oh honey! Its definitely you and not me!” I remember the first time I used this shampoo, I had the most terrible migraine but had to wash my hair. The banana smell in the shampoo was just too much for me and every time I used this it was all I could smell. Unfortunately I cannot stand the smell of artificial banana. I’ll gladly eat a fresh banana or drink it in a smoothie (not a milkshake) but having it in skincare products I do not like it at all!

These were some of the products we received in our Boxycharm boxes in 2017 that did not work for me.

Please also hop over to Simone’s post to check her Boxycharm fails for 2017.

Love ya

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  1. My sister loves the Aloette lip and cheek tint and I wished I got the Hairgurt. I think I got the Briogio instead of the hairgurt?? Briogio comes very hyped by Kathleen Lights though, she’s brand ambassador I think, so i guess I’;m glad I got that.

    ‘out of my comfort universe’….lekker gelag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    1. Would your sister be interested in buying my Aloette? I also got a Briogio somewhere in the year and I am loving it!! Wish we had that range here in SA. Glad I could make you giggle. ????

  2. I loved your and Simone’s posts! Agree with you on that loose blush – that just sounds like a terrible mess! I am not a fan of ‘loose’ anything, I mush prefer pressed. Oh goodness, that fake banana-smell shampoo sounds terrible! Get goosebumps just thinking about it!

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