The Breast Cancer Initiative from Bridgestone

18 January 2018

Morning ???? Are you also looking forward to the weekend? I have loads to do and then I can veg on the couch with a good series (any suggestions). Today is going to be a short and quick post on the Breast Cancer Initiative from Bridgestone.

Last year I had to go and have my wheel alignment checked and as I was about to pay, my eyes caught these tyre valve caps. I asked about this and was pleasantly surprised. In a predominantly mens world of cars, tyres and tools finding something pink is unheard of. And then to realize that its about creating awareness for ladies, it was refreshing. I absolutely love how something so small and insignificant can create a huge impact.

The Breast Cancer Initiative from Bridgestone

Some information on the project that I pulled from their site;

The Pink Valve Caps Project started in October 2013 which is sold nationwide through retail partners –Supa Quickwhich has more than 260 franchises. The Pink Valve Caps set are sold at R50 each. The initiative was created for Breast Cancer awareness and raise funds for a Breast cancer organisation selected by Bridgestone SA. Over the past two years, a total of R1 million per year and contributed to The Pink Drive. The first year Bridgestone SA with Supa Quick were able to donate towards The Pink Drive’s first Mobile Mammography unit.”

A set costs R50 and they are available at Supa Quick outlets countrywide. All proceeds go to cancer research and awareness, and we are aiming to raise a million Rand for the cause,”

This is such an amazing initiative! So next time you have you tyres checked out, or even out on your daily errants, stop at your closest Supa Quick and pick up you pink caps. We all have a family members or know someone who is being affected by breast cancer. Lets support this amazing cause by doing out bit! R50 is nothing these days, so why not put yours towards a good cause?

I challenge you to go out, pick up your caps and take a picture of it. Then tag me and Bridgestone using the hashtag #PinkValveCaps.

Love ya

PS the cover image as taken from the Bridgestone website. Click the link and check it out for more information.

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