Monthly Favorites : December 2017

16 January 2018

I know I am a little bit late to be posting a December monthly favourites post but I still want to get it out there, even if it is just to show off the mini Rolos. Over the Christmas time they were all over and I ate more tubes than I care to admit. I was unfortunately not lucky enough to go on holiday, but I have a few products that still made December awesome. Let me show you all my December monthly favourites.

December monthly favourites 

Nestle Mini Rolo

This is incredible!!!! I need to have one of these every weekend, one that I do not have to share with my husband and one that is calorie free. These taste exactly like the normal Rolos, only difference is they come in a teeny tiny, cute but delicious size. They are adorable and if I spot them in Clicks or Spar Im going to grab a whole hand full of them. Have you tried them? Hmmm, if you spot them, pick one up!

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless

Okay before you go “when did this girl finally get a tan?? o.O” This is the wrong shade, I can still make it work but I would love to try 110. The 110 might be a bit too light, so mixing the two should be the sweet spot. I have a full review coming soon of this foundation paired with the Matte + Poreless powder. Spoiler alert – it makes my skin look flawless (at first). The price is right, now just to get the colour right.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream – All over Miracle Oil

This does not work so lekker for my face. I feel that my eyes keep on watering throughout the day when I use this on my face. But! Using it in my hair is amazing, you should try it. Now  my hair is about bra length so it takes for ever to wash, comb and dry, hence the baby powder. The baby powder absorb all the unwanted oiliness. But with that comes a dry scalp. So just before I am going to wash my hair I drench it in this oil focusing mainly on my scalp. It makes my hair feel so soft and shiny. This oil is also amazing in the winter for dry arms and legs. It truly is and all over miracle oil. Check out my full review here.

Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm

This cleansing balm needs not introduction on my blog. It has been featured in a couple of monthly favourites and it will continue to be a favourite. It just melts away makeup like butter on hot toast ( now Im in the mood for toast – french toast with syrup on top – getting off topic). I highly recommend you check this cleansing balm out and stay tuned to the blog later this year *wink wink, nudge nudge*.

MAC Eyebrow pencil in Lingering

I received this pencil in one of my Boxycharm boxes in 2017 and it was love at first stroke. This pencil is so slim that it creates the most natural hair strokes that a pencil can make. It is also the perfect colour for my brows. Only downside is that this pencil disappears like in a blink of an eye. It might be cause it is such a fine pencil and its quite expensive. But its so worth it.

Aloe Unique – Aloe & Honey Gel Mask

This is such a special mask, I enjoy putting it on at night and sleeping in it. I wake up the next morning with plump and rejuvenating skin. For my review, check out this post here. Its filled with anti-oxidents and its smells amazing. It is also budget friendly. I think this will also be a good mask to use when you had a little bit too much fun in the sun…

MAC Pigment – Not even sure of the name

MAC had the most stunning holiday collection I have ever seen in 2016. They had two sets of pigments so naturally my friend and I both purchased one and shared half of each pigment. Cause really!! Who can finish a whole pigment on their own? Lets be real!! This one in particular is my absolute favourite and all though it does not look like it, I have used this one tons. Its the perfect all over the lid colour for a natural, yet pretty girly look. Paired with liner and loads of mascara this is next level awesomeness!!!

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Bold Liquid Lipsticks

Elizabeth Arden has been slaying the lippie game in 2017!!! They had three amazing new launches and I can not even choose a favourite between this lipstick, the sheer lip oil and the lip gelato. I have linked all my full reviews so go check them out and see for yourself which one you might prefer. This lippie in particular is so easy and comfortable that its perfect to throw in my bag as I run out the door. It has never let me down before, the colour is stunning and the consistency is spot on. I absolutely love this lippie!

These were some of the products that made my December an awesome month. What were your favourite products? Let me know in the comments below.

love ya

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  1. Not sure how I missed this post! I need to get that Clinique take off the day balm!

    When I saw the pic I thought the Telescopic mascara was going to be in this post. Wanted to know your thoughts on it.

    Love favourites posts <3

    1. Somehow that picture got completely MIA. And I wore it the whole of Dec, but I am experiencing a love hate relationship with the mascara. I love the effect it gives my lashes, but it transfers on me ????

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