Review : MAC Matte Bronzer

11 January 2018
Hi there, summer is here and its so darn hot!! Now if you are as pale as me, you are always on the lookout for good self tanners or good bronzers. About a year ago I went into MAC (I barely ever plan to go to MAC, but always end up spending all my money there) and once again I bought something off of the recommendation of the lovely counter ladies. I never knew I needed this bronzer until I had it! This is a stunning MAC Matte Bronzer and in this post I am going to tell you why you need this.
MAC Matte Bronzer

Packaging : Mac compacts are awesome!!! I feel that there is some sort of coolness connected to a Mac compact. Something that make you cooler than most other girls in the room. But it might just be my inner snob speaking. But now seriously, its a sturdy, well made compact with a decent sized mirror on the inside. It clips shut, so you will know its securely closed. Mac usually nails it with packaging.

Color : The color is what I love most about this MAC Matte Bronzer. Its perfect for my skin tone as it goes on light but you can add a second and a third layer. It layers beautiful without skipping or getting patchy. If you feel you need more bronzer (you know, bronzed goddess status) then you can add as much as you need and it will never look like an umpa-lumpa. This powder is not too warm or too cool, its just the right amount of neutral-ness. The last thing I want to touch on is the matte finish. For someone who has texture on my skin, shiny products tend to make it look worse. So this bronzer being completely matte is exactly what I need from my powders.

Mac Matte Bronzer
Consistency : Okay do not look at me like that, I can see you. I know its a powder, but these days you touch something and it feels wet and creamy but then it goes on like powder!! This is not the smoothest powder bronzer I have in my collection and it does kick up a bit of powder, but its the only two gripes I have and both are actually not issue at all. The powder applies beautiful, it does not skip or grab (on a set face) so the teeny tiny grittiness is no problem. The powder kick up you can solve by tapping your off your brush – in which case I always do with cheek products. Tapping off your brush will prevent “clown cheeks”.
Staying Power : Unfortunately my face does not get enough food apparently and it feels the need to chow my foundation and powder products. ???? So taking this into consideration, I get a good 4 to 5 hours of wear time. For a full day of work I end up a bit shiny and pale, but going to a party or an event, the wear time is perfect.
Mac Matte Bronzer
Availability : Recently I have found that MAC is becoming more and more available. Not only are there stand alone stores, you now also have access to a MAC counter at selected Foschini and Edgars stores. This is great news for consumers.
Price : You can pick this bronzer up for R420 @ 10g. It will last forever!
What is your favourite bronzer and what do you look for in a good bronzer? Let me know in the comments below.
Love ya

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    1. The colour on this bronzer is perfect, go and swatch it. I love how you can build and build and it just never looks like you have too much on.

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