Motivational Monday : Gratitude

15 January 2018

Hi there my lovelies, I hope you all had an amazing weekend and that you are ready for the coming week. I come across the lovely Simone’s Instagram account the past week. Please go show her some love on Instagram and her YouTube channel. Now each day she lists three things she is grateful for and I think this is an amazing idea. It does not have to be huge things, it can be something small  like freshly washed linen or something like a good cup of coffee. Then you also get the huge things like being grateful for an amazing husband. Gratitude is medicine for the soul.


I think with a new year we are so quick to let go of the previous one and move on. Well at least I am. I forget that in the year that has past, some pretty awesome things happened as well. We are so quick to focus on the bad that the good get shadowed and forgotten.

Gratitude is something small that can impact your life in a huge way. What I mean by this is that when we choose to be grateful we fool our minds into happiness. When we find something we can be grateful for, even in a crappy situation  we enforce positivity in our lives. There is so much negativity going on that it can easily overwhelm us.

By reading Simone’s Instastories each day I got inspired to start naming three things I am grateful for each day. You realise very quickly that there is so much in our lives to be grateful for. A house to come home to, a work to earn a living, friends and family to enjoy as company and that is just to start with.


When something that we perceive as negative happens to us its easy to get wrapped up in the negativity of the situation. But take a step back, look for something you can be grateful for and hang on to that. Start with the small things. Mondays are always difficult for me so I like to be thankful for the petrol in the car that enables me to go to work to earn my living. When I get to the office I remind myself that I have awesome colleagues and somehow the day then gets by. On my way home I tell myself that  I have a husband and a puppy that will be grateful to see me. This already puts a smile on my face and make me forget about a bad day.

Gratitude is something we choose to feel, it is an emotion you have to actively choose each day. The more you focus on gratitude the more you will see in life to be thankful for. And yes, even the small things count because something small can light a fire and become a blaze of gratitude.

I want to challenge you guys this week, even if it just for this week, to post something you are grateful for each day. Tag me, whether its on Twitter, Instagram or even Facebook. Let us encourage each other and create an community of positivity and gratitude where ever we go this week and the year to come.

Love ya all!

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  1. Such an important reminder ❤️ gratitude can change your life! I am a firm believer in what you give energy to grows.. So who wants to grow negativity right? I have felt the effect of this belief in my own life.

    The Quran also has a verse I love where God says ” If you are grateful, surely I will increase your blessings”.

    Thank you for this lovely article. Expect my tags on insta ????

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