Motivational Monday : You be You – Unapologetically!

8 January 2018

Hi guys, Hope you had an amazing weekend. I had a quiet weekend, just too short like always. Still had loads more to do and the couch swallowing me in whole, did not help. In my previous post here, I promised additional content so here we are ⭐️. I have felt the need to write some uplifting content from time to time (in the hopes that it will mean something to someone). So today I want to talk about you. You be You!

You be You

You be You – Unapologetically!

I have spent so much time (and still sometimes do), trying to fit into boxes someone else has defined. This post is to remind me and to encourage you, You to be you – Unapologetically. There is no one that is like you, that’s make you uniquely qualified to be you!

Be who you are!

Trying to please someone else, or even trying to impress them by not being yourself is hard work. Being you, comes naturally and is stress free. You have spent years building and shaping the person you are now. In saying that, no one is without faults. Owning your “blindspots” makes it easy to work on. Never apologise for having a “blindspot”, we all have them. Rather equip yourself to overcome them and be a better you.

Know yourself!

To be honest with yourself is not always the easiest thing. It can be brutal and it can drag you into a never ending black hole. But when you are honest with yourself it can also be liberating. Knowing what you are good at can inspire you to be the best you can be. It can drive you to excellence and beyond. Knowing your weakness can make you more aware, and it can allow you to work on it and overcome it. Having a weakness is not weak, being vulnerable enough to work on it, asking help if needed is what makes you a strong individual. No one needs to go through tough times alone, therefore, be a friend to someone cause you might need a buddy later. Knowing yourself is empowering.

Setting goals!

I am very hard on myself, I beat myself up for the mistakes I make and I do not allow myself to enjoy most accomplishments. It’s so easy to think that I got lucky or that it happened by mistake. But when you know yourself and you know what you are capable of, is winning half of the battle already. Be honest with yourself and set goals according to your capabilities. Not what society demands from you, only what you know you can manage. I also normally jump from start to finish without focusing on the “in-between” steps. This usually result in me either giving up or failing.

Setting reachable goals make any project you attempt manageable and measurable. You do not have to be the fastest, strongest or the smartest. When you believe in yourself you feel confident and confidence goes a long way when reaching your end goal.

Choose yourself!

Life can be so demanding, and there are so many aspects of your life that will demand your time and attention. Never loose sight of yourself. Never loose sight of your hopes and dreams. No one will chase after your dreams on your behalf. Only you can reach your success. And the only way to reach your success is to choose yourself. Do the things that make you happy, cause being happy can be a powerful tool. When you are in a toxic relationship, choose you over it. Chances are that there is another partner / employer / friend out there that will appreciate and honer you for who you are – as is.

Now, go out – You be you – as there is only one of you on the planet. Be the best you can be, love yourself. Accept yourself, flaws and all. Have the courage to change, to improve yourself by only your own standards.

There is no acceptance as worthy as self acceptance!

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