Haul : January 2018

19 February 2018

Hi guys, I know I have been MIA the past three weeks. I had some family time and I tried to spend every second I have with my dad. I am back and jumping in with a very exciting Haul : January 2018.

Haul : January 2018

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

I have been seeing these al over social media for months and I finally caved and picked it up. I am hoping that this will be enough for my oily skin. And I am looking forward to test this out in the transition time going into winter. Well if it is going to last that long. I love the pastel colour and it felt amazing on my hand. Lets hope its worth all the hype.

Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm

I have been wanting to pick this up for round about probably two years. Once again I have caved and picked this up. I am a sucker for a good lip balm and I have heard only good things about this particular one. It is packed with honey and al sorts of oils, so I am hoping it will be an amazing find.

Wet N Wild PhotoFocus Foundation

This is one of Tati’s holy grail foundations. She has raved about this over and over and over again so naturally I had to get it cause anything that Tati says is good, is something I want to try. It is apparently very lightweight on the skin, yet full coverage, I think. The applicator is not the best, but I am sure I’ll get around. Looking forward to testing this foundation.

Wet N Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit

This is another lippie that Tati was super impressed with, so the moment I saw it, I knew that one colour was not going to be enough. I picked up these two colours, thinking they will be more the kind of colours I like to wear. I think that liquid lipsticks has come far since that first formula where your lips felt like raisins. These days there are some really comfortable matte liquid lipsticks out there and I look forward testing these.

L.A. Girl Just Blusing in Just Playful

I cannot remember where I saw these first, together with the eyeshadows, but I remember being very excited and could not wait for it to reach SA shores. It finally did and I wish I could pick up more but this is what I got at first. This blush is a beautiful colour and it suites my skin tone sooo well. There is a couple more shades I want to go and get and also pick up some of the bronzer / contour shades. But first let’s test out this one before we get carried away.

L.A. Girl Eyelux Mesmerizing quads in Eternalize & Fantasize

Looking at these my heart skips a beat. I was most excited for this to launch here, it must be the geometric pattern that the quads are laid out in or maybe just the beautiful colours. These is a whole bunch I still want to go and get, but like with the blush, I first want to test out the quality. These look sooo good and pretty and I can not wait to start playing with them.

What did you pick up this month, something that you have been waiting for or just make your heart skip a beat? Let me know in the comments below. Haul : January 2018.

Love ya

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