Review : Freeman Revitalising Peel Off Mask

7 May 2018

Hallo and Happy Monday! Today we will be doing a quick Review : Freeman Revitalising Peel Off Mask. Who has time to sit through a long ass review on a Monday? I mean I only stop sulking around Thursday that the weekend is over and by then its time to look forward to the next one ?. Lets jump right to it.

Review : Revitalising Peel Off Mask

Packaging : I have to admit that between the couple of ranges they have, these tubes look to be the higher end. You know, the goooood stuff!! It looks a bit more classy and luxurious, but then again, I’m a sucker for packaging. It boils down to a basic squeezy tube. Old fashioned yes, but still effective.

Formula : From the moment you open the cap, you can smell that it is a pomegranate infused mask. I do not necessarily hate on fruity scented products but this borders on a bit too much. Luckily the smell is fresh and uplifting and not heavy at all, but if you are sensitive to heavy fragrance – this is not for you.

The other issue I seem to could not get right was the correct amount to use. When using sparingly the mask dried in the recommended time, but was too thin to pull of in one-ish piece. And when applied thicker it took forever to almost dry down and also came of with loads of difficulty. So much that I just took a face cloth. I am yet to perfect the correct ratio, but will keep on trying

Other than that I enjoyed the mask. At first it is quite cold and refreshing when applied but it warms up quite quickly to the temperature of your skin. I found that applying these types of masks with a flat foundation brush is your best option. The formula is like a gel, not too thin or too thick, just right to spread easily. Once the mask starts to dry down I look and feel like a greased up little piggy. But that shows you that the mask has dried down.

Performance : When taking the price point in consideration I am happy with how my skin feel and look after using this mask. The peptides in the formula helps to make your skin look and feel plump. This will help your skin look radiant and energised.

Cost : This is a mask that will not break the bank, but also do not expect it to do miracles. It retails for around R150 and it will last you quite a while. You can purchase the Freeman Beauty ranges at Dis-Chem.

Overall Thoughts : I enjoy using this mask on the “in between days”. The days when I am not using a super exfoliant mask or doing deep cleansing. This is perfect or that off day to just add some plumpness to your skin. I enjoy fruity smells so I do not find the scent too offensive, but someone who is sensitive to scents might feel diffident. Its easy to apply and remove – even if I still battle to get the correct ratio. All in all, not a bad mask and I would love to try the rest of the masks in this range.

Have you tried this Freeman Revitalising Peel Off Mask? They also have single use masks for around R30 and then some more expensive longterm use masks? Please leave a comment below with your experience and thoughts, I’d love to hear from you.

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