Whats new in my collection?

4 May 2018

Hi there, hope you are having an awesome Friday. In my previous post I mentioned that I have been absent for a while. But that did not stop me from shopping more makeup than I actually need. So today I will chat about whats new in my collection, or at least some of whats new.

Whats new in my collection

L’Occitane Face Mask Pods

So the other day I found myself browsing the shelves of L’Occitane and I knew it was trouble. Trouble waiting to happen, but I could not stop that little girl wanting to buy all the pretty stuff. I ended up purchasing some left over Christmas goodies and these face masks. They look so girly and feel so luxurious, so obviously I had to have one of each. Obviously! ?

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

As if the hype on Youtube wasn’t big enough. Funny enough I wasn’t into the blushers as much as the bronzer. This is apparently a cream to powder bronzer that performs miracles on your skin. I had this for quite a  while and have never used it. Now that it has been featured, I’m cracking into it straight away.

MAC Blusher in Desert Rose

If you go through my blog you will find 100’s of blushers, all this type of colour. I gravitate toward this color like a moth to a flame. And luckily I don’t go down burning, cause this color suites me perfectly. I have found that my face enjoy foundation more than chocolate, believe it or not. So I am hoping that this will stick and last longer than my 8 o’clock cup of tea.

Stila Glitter and Glow in Kitten Karma

I have eyed these for the longest time. Tati from GlamlifeGuru made them look so special and she were super into them. This color is just gorgeous and I have only played around with it a little bit, but now that the pictures are taken I can let it rip. Hoping this will exceed all my expectations, living up to all the claims Tati made.

Beautiful Earth Facial Serum

Who can say no to a good facial serum? I was sent this together with an online order I placed at The Beautiful Store. Thank you so much Rachelle. This range is stunning. Its affordable yet so good. I could not wait to tuck into this serum. It will also be a must have in the coming colder months.

Benefit They’re Real! Lip Kit

I bought this from a friend and could not be happier. These lippies are so easy to just throw into my bag or keep one (or eventually all four) at my desk. I do not own a whole lot of Benefit products, but the ones I have, has all been featured in past monthly favourites. I am sure these will be no different.

These goodies are all new in my collection, Have you tried any of these products? If you have tried them, please tell me what you thought and if you would repurchase. Otherwise, share with me the goodies you picked up recently, I’d love to hear from you.

Love ya

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    1. I got mine right when they launched. Holding thumbs that it will be amazing. Ill msg you when Im in Dischem again and I spot some stock.

  1. I tealy need to get myself a Great Bronzer & Loving the Reviews Im Reading on the Stila Glitter eyes. ✨

    1. Im hoping that this Butter Brozer will be as good as everybody says. Holding thumbs. I can highly recommend Hoola from Benefit or the MAC bronzers, they are my favourite.

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