Dear Diary #1

6 January 2019

Happy new year Everyone!!! ? This is the time of the year when everyone flocks to the gym to try and get healthy and loose weight. I too need to get rid of some kg’s that overstayed their welcome, but much more importantly I need to shed some emotional baggage. So obviously like the ten year old girl that still sometimes rule my life I turned to my faithful diary.

Dear Diary #1

Tuesday – 01 January 2019

Hubby took us out to the V&A Waterfront for a celebratory breakfast. I had the most delicious salmon, avocado and scrambled eggs cause #healtyliving right ??‍♀️. I returned the favour by getting very emotional on the way back (just the way a man likes a woman, overstuffed, emotional and making no sense – said no man ever!!) Guess it has all got to do with 2018 being the crappiest year to date ending with me car writing off my car on old Christmas Day.

Wednesday – 02 January 2019

For me this was a normal day as I did not take any leave in December. Not clever at all!! There was still loads to get done at the office and while it is still quiet, I better get things done, right? Hubby took me to go and test drive two cars after work and we looked at two more. Getting into the first car was nerve recking cause since the accident I had my very own Uber driver AKA Hubby ??‍♂️. Upon getting home we discovered a new Netflix show – The Fix – So funny, go check it out.

Thursday – 03 January 2019

How far are we from the weekend? I need some help! I think in 2019 Thursday should be the new Friday. Who do I need to see to get this implemented? Anyhow, I buckled down at the office, my step count can concur and got loads done. My hard work was rewarded with a nice sushi buffet. ? Ending of the evening with some more episodes of The Fix.

Friday – 04 January 2019

I can smell the weekend! The work day was hectic but we got through it. Dinner was the new KFC dunked burger. MEH ??‍♀️ not sure what the fuss is about. But in other news, we finally got to watch YOU. Who thought sweet Dan Humphrey can be this ominous? The show is brilliant!

Sturday – 05 January 2019

Big news!!! I bought my first car. Eeeek Im very excited and cannot wait to go and pick up my little baby. I got a good price and the salesman need to take out a second mortgage loan. I felt like someone from pawn stars busy hackling. We enjoyed the evening with friends and a good piece of steak on the braai.

Product of the week

A few weeks before the holidays I received a PR package from Elizabeth Arden with a few lippies and this liner. Oh my word it is the best thing since sliced toast. The tip is thin and saturated. It creates a thin but solid line in one easy sweep. I will do a full review soon.

If you are a person who loves to crochet, please pop me an email. I would love to ask our advice and opinion on a project I am working on.

Hope you all have an awesome week and if you are going back to work, good luck and take it slow.

Love ya

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