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Essence Olá Rio Shadow Palette Review

17 June 2019

Every girl need that one eyeshadow palette that you know will make everything better. Does not matter how the day start or what chaos your life is in. Using this palette will make you feel like you can still hold your head high and keep everything together. The search for that palette will unfortunately never stop! And in that spirit today’s post will be doing an Essence Olá Rio shadow Palette review.

Essence Olá Rio Eyeshadow Palette Review
Olá Rio Eyeshadow Palette Packaging

When I browsed the Essence stand at my local Clicks recently, I came across the tester palette for the Olá Rio. I immediately fell in love, lost my heart and knew I wanted to review this palette. The colours speak to me and make my heart very happy. Almost to the point where I cannot stop myself from swatching all the shade like ALL THE TIME!

Olá Rio Shadow Palette Review


The art work on the palette is beautiful! It makes me want to put on a grass skirt and a lei and go to the loudest party. ?? On the inside there is a decent size mirror which I think adds value to the palette. The rest of the packaging is cardboard, but its sturdy enough to travel to work and back and still protect the shadows. When closing the palette you can feel the pull of magnets. This assures me that the palette will not decide to open at any inconvenient time or place. Well done Essence!


I had some time to play around with this palette and for the price point I find it impressive. The mirror makes it easy to do your make anywhere and the colours allow to create an easy cohesive look. Wear time is decent. At the end of the day there is still shadow left on my eyes. But I have found that they merge together after a while. Having oily lids makes this problem even worse, but priming my eyes beforehand helps. Another tip is to not over complicate your look when using this palette. The shades are beautiful and can stand on their own. I use two, three shades at the most on one look.

Essence Olá Rio Eyesahadow Palette Shades
Essence Olá Rio Eyesahadow Palette Shades

Shade Range

The shimmer shades work beautiful and they blend effortlessly. The 3 matte shades blend almost just as well and they are quite pigmented. The peachy skin toned colour is the only colour I can really use as a transition shade, but it gets the job done. I think if I had my way, I would exchange one of the two lighter shimmer shades for a soft matte brown. I do enjoy more matte shades than shimmer shades. But all the other colours are perfect, even the bone white colour. It  is great for setting my shadow primer and also highlighting (under the brow bone or the inner corner).


There are four different palettes in the range if I am not mistaken, but this one grabbed my attention immediately. The other one I am considering picking up is the Salut Paris and my friend over at Pink & Purple Dots have done a review on that palette. You can pick any of the four up from Clicks, Dis-Chem or order then online from Takealot. They retail for R150 which is a very reasonable price considering this is a palette and the quality is actually to too bad!

This is it for my Essence Olá Rio Shadow palette review. What do you think of Essence eyeshadows? Have you tried them before. If not maybe look at their “build you own palette” system they have.

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