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OUI Juicy Couture Review

25 June 2019

If you are a perfume junkie just like me then you are going to love this post. Today we are doing an OUI Juicy Couture review. I have said it on my blog so often, but it still stays true. I love a good scent, even if its hella expensive. It is one of the many things that make me feel pretty, especially when I am wearing an exquisite scent. And today’s scent is on exception.

OUI Juicy Couture Review

OUI Juicy Couture Review
OUI Juicy Couture Intro


There is a little bit of the old Juicy Couture and a little bit of a new mix in the brand spanking new scent. OUI out done themselves by keeping the feel of the old Juicy Couture, but also appealing to the newer generation. The two toned bottle is a one-of-a kind as this has never been done before in Juicy Couture and a modern crystal topper is also something new to the old standard lids. The gold chain and logo pendant wrapped around the neck of the bottle adds a playful and fashionable feel.

The box mimics the bottle with bright pink at the top, fading into a fiery red-orange. The branding is placed on the side and the logo on the front of the box. I quite like the new feel, its playful and provocative.

OUI Juicy Couture Box


This scent truly is something to be excited about. Its sweet and playful but has got an amazing depth to it. When you open the box you can immediately smell it! The smell feel familiar, but you can not put your finger on it, and then you realise it is watermelon. Not a lot of scents is known to use this fruit. Some of the other top notes include ACAI tea and fresh pear.

The middle notes are just as beautiful. Wild tuberose and jasmine petals, accompanied by honeysuckle. These floral scents is part of the Juicy Couture DNA, and they do them so well.

The scent then settles with notes of amber and musk. This is where the richness and depth comes from. It smells like the “warm” feel.

OUI Juicy Couture Bottle
OUI Juicy Couture Bottle

OUI Juicy Couture entered a new generation with this scent, but not loosing any other. This fragrance is one of those that you can wear anywhere and anytime. And you will still be relevant. It does not fall into the restrictions of any age group or anything similar. I find it well balanced and I get so many compliments when I wear this scent. It even reach the end of the day, that is how long it lasts!

Although this was sent to me as PR, I would definitely use my own money to repurchase this scent – in the biggest bottle they have – and I am also recommending it to so many ladies.

OUI Juicy Couture
OUI Juicy Couture

If you want to get your hands on this scent then run over to your closest department store, as most stock the Juicy Couture range. Or even better, order online!

100 ml @ R1499

50 ml @ R1199

30 ml @ R999

If you have enjoyed my OUI Juicy Couture review, feel free to check out my other Juicy Couture reviews here and here. What scent have you picked up recently that you would recommend everyone try?


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