{BOTB} Drugstore Warm Palettes

{BOTB} Drugstore Warm Palettes

28 July 2019

Earlier this week the high end warm palettes battled it out and in today’s post the more affordable warm palette will be in the ring. {BOTB} Drugstore Warm Palettes – today we feature the Rimmel London Magnifi’Eyes Spice Edition vs Makeup Revolution Iconic Fever.

In the previous post I have mentioned that I generally enjoy warmer palettes, I find them easy to create eye looks with, and most colours go together. Maybe it’s the easy way out. Then I also have to do a little disclaimer, I am a huge brat when it comes to eyeshadows. I love my high end palettes, and I would rather own one good high end palette than a hand full of more affordable options. Ask me again in 5 years time when I have to pay school fees, my answer might have changed by then. In saying that, here are some worthy competitors for the high end palettes.

{BOTB} Drugstore Warm Palettes

Rimmel London Magnif’Eyes Spice Edition

Rimmel London Magnifi'eyes Spice Edition Cover
Rimmel London Magnifi’eyes Spice Edition Cover

I have heard a lot and watched a couple of YouTube videos on these palettes. The quality always looked so good and the finished looks even better. I am alway in awe of all the talented makeup artists that can make magic with practically anything. Well, there are enough shades in this palette to ensure anyone, even me can create at least one good eye look.

Rimmel London Magnifi'eyes Spice Edition Shades
Rimmel London Magnifi’eyes Spice Edition Shades


  • There are 6 matte shades and 6 shimmer shades. Usually I’d prefer more matte shades, but in this palette it works.
  • Pigmentation is decent.
  • You can create a full eye look using only this palette.
  • Blendability is good, non of the shades grabbed.
  • Palette performs well, even for the price point.
  • The shades are beautiful and they blend well together.
  • Easily available.


  • The shades smell a lot like talc. Not my favourite thing about the palette, but I can look past it.
  • The shades are very dusty and you pick up a lot of product.
  • The brush is yucky, do not use it!
  • Does not come with a mirror.
  • Packaging is sturdy, but van easily crack

Makeup Revolution – Iconic Fever

Makeup Revolution - Iconic Fever Cover
Makeup Revolution – Iconic Fever Cover

This palette caught my eye on the Clicks website and I immediately know that this pallet would make a great opponent for the previous palette. I have up till not tried anything from Makeup Revolution, and I am glad that this palette was my introduction to the brand. Here are the reasons why.

{BOTB} Drugstore Warm Palettes
Makeup Revolution – Iconic Fever Shades


  • Two thirds of the palette is matte shades. (10 from the 15 shades).
  • There is a good setting colour, highlight and transition shade.
  • The shimmers are soft and buttery.
  • Pigmentation is good.
  • The shades blend well and they do not grab.
  • I enjoy the placing of the colours, it tells a story and guide you in on how to create a beautiful look.
  • You can create a full eye look using only this palette.
  • Easily available as most town has a Clicks
  • Palette performed well for price point.
  • Vey affordable for the amount of shades and quality you get.


  • Smell a lot like talc as well.
  • Matte shade are very dusty
  • The packaging includes no mirror, but at this price point I would rather appreciate a good formulation than a mirror.
  • Packaging is sturdy but can easily crack when bumped or when accidentally dropped.

Then a quick Honorable Mention…

Revlon Colorstay looks book palette - 930 Rebelle Cover
Revlon Colorstay looks book palette – 930 Rebelle Cover

Revlon Colorstay looks book palette – 930 Rebelle

I love these tiny fire cracker palettes. They are great to pop into your back when you are on the run, and this one in particular is awesome as it has enough of every thing you want to create a quick but complete eye look with. There are 4 shimmer and 4 matte shades. A good highlighting shade and some nice jewel shades to add some drama, but do not forget the supporting matte shades. There is a good transition shade, a nice dark shade and nice intensifier.

Revlon Colorstay looks book palette - 930 Rebelle Shades
Revlon Colorstay looks book palette – 930 Rebelle Shades

I would say that the biggest downfall for this palette is the price point. It retails for around R185. Although the quality is really good I feel that the amount of product you are getting is not much. The other issue I have with this palette is that the palette is very compact. If I use a fluffy brush it easy to pick up some of the shimmer as well. These are small issues but they do bring the whole experience down. Other than that the blendability is very good, staying power is amazing and the quality is also very good.

If I had to chose I would repurchase the Makeup Revolution palette again. You get a lot of bang for your buck and I love a good matte shade of which this palette has plenty!

This is it for today’s battle – {BOTB} Drugstore Warm Palettes. What is your choice between the three palettes? Leave a comment below and let me know if you have tried and of these palettes and what you though of them.

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  1. Oooh, you must try the NYX Warm Neutrals palette if you like warm tones! I looove it xxx

    1. I’ve had my eye on the Makeup Revolution – Iconic Fever palette for a while now. I think I should just close my eyes and buy it. Lol. Thanks for this review hun

      1. It’s a great palette if you are looking for something affordable. The price point vs shadow grams makes it worth it. IF you do pick it up, let me know what your thoughts are. 😘

    2. I will definitely add it to my “needing-to-want-list”. Lets first get through most of these palettes before buying new warm palettes. Now you have woken the “buying worms”…. LOL 😂

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