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{BOTB} High End Warm Palettes

23 July 2019

Today you have stepped into an arena. It is the Battle of the Brand featuring {BOTB} High End Warm Palettes. These palettes has been all the rage for quite some time now. It feels like every brand has one by now. So if you want to know which one should be the contender for your hard earned moola, keep on reading.

{BOTB} High End Warm Palettes

{BOTB} High End Warm Palettes
{BOTB} High End Warm Palettes

I am one of those people who love using warm palettes. The warmer colours make my eyes pop a bit and bring light to my face. I also lean more towards matte shades rather than shimmers. Although with the latest launches some awesome shimmers has been released that is busy changing my mind.

Let’s start off with the palette that sparked this post. I was standing at the MAC counter swatching away, trying very hard to turn myself into a rainbow and almost succeeding 🙃, when I came across the Flame-boyant palette. I instantly lost my heart and although I had a very similar palette at home I knew I had to own it. So this post was my justification for buying yet another warm palette. The MAC Flame-boyant looks very similar to the Urban Decay Naked heat. So naturally we will host a Battle of the Brands here on Melanie’s Nook.

MAC Art Library in Flame-Bloyant

Mac Art Library - Flame-Boyant Cover
Mac Art Library – Flame-Boyant Cover

Even just looking at this palette I still get giddy. For Some reason looking at MAC products makes my heart race like it knows something I do not know yet. Anyhow – I lost my heart immediately upon looking at the gorgeous palette and already owning several other MAC eyeshadows, I knew the quality would be amazing. Let me tell you, this palette did not disappoint.

Mac Art Library - Flame-Boyant shades
Mac Art Library – Flame-Boyant shades


  • You can create a full look without dipping into another palette.
  • The ratio between shimmer & matte shades is spot on.
  • The grouping of the shades guide you into an easy eye look.
  • The mattes blend beautiful without grabbing or any patchiness.
  • The shimmers are soft and buttery and easy to work with.
  • Then the mirror! You have a huge mirror that makes life so much easier.
  • The packaging is simple, yet elegant and also easy to clean.
  • One can create something for day time (natural) but also a glamorous look for the evening.


  • This palette comes with a hefty price tag of R935.

Urban Decay Naked Heat

Urban Decay Naked Heat - Cover
Urban Decay Naked Heat – Cover

When the Naked Heat palette launched it was the same story! I immediately lost my heart on it, but it took me a while to finally buckle down and purchase the palette. In the time since then (little over a year) this has been my go to warm palette and I have loved using it. I have done a full review on the Naked Heat if you are interested.

Urband Decay Naked Heat - Shades
Urban Decay Naked Heat – Shades


  • This is also a palette that you can use to create a full look with, without dipping into another palette.
  • The ratio is also in my favour here with more matte shades than shimmers.
  • All of the shades blend like a dream and the shimmers are extremely buttery.
  • The palette has a decent sized mirror to do your makeup.
  • This palette is also rather easy to clean should some shades get a bit messy.
  • The packaging on this palette is my favourite.
  • I have experienced little to no fall-out.
  • The lid has a magnetic close which is always a plus on any palette.


  • Both palettes contain 12 shades but the Naked Heat comes at a smidge of a lower price at R860

Then an honourable mention…

Smashbox Cover Shot Palette in Ablaze

Smashbox Cover Shot Palette in Ablaze Cover
Smashbox Cover Shot Palette in Ablaze Cover

This little firecracker has been in my collection for some time and I absolutely love it. The hologram packaging is one of my favourite features. The shadows blend just as well as the MAC & Urban Decay palettes. If you try really hard and you a very simple look, you might get a full look from the palette, but I always reach for a light brown shade extra when using this palette.

Smashbox Cover Shot Palette in Ablaze Shades
Smashbox Cover Shot Palette in Ablaze Shades

The shades on the other had has got nothing wrong with them. I love how Smashbox has grouped them together as to almost guide you with what goes well together. I have done a full review on this palette and the other one I own over here. This palette retails for  R690.

Which {BOTB} High End Warm Palette would you choose?

MAC Flame Boyant vs Urban Decay Naked Heat
MAC Flame Boyant vs Urban Decay Naked Heat

I can to this day not choose. The one day I enjoy the MAC palette and the other I enjoy the Naked Heat more. Let me know in the comments below which one you will get or already own.

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  1. The Naked heat is such a stunning palette. A warm toned lovers dream. I have however found that you cant get a variety of looks. Most of the matte shades, once blended look very similar on the eyes. It’s still gorgeous though and the quality is amazing

    1. I hear what you say, it’s almost like they all have the same under tone. The quality is really good and it’s my favourite palette from all the Naked palettes so far. Still want to try the cherry one (maybe).

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