Self Worth

Self Worth – You are enough!

5 July 2019

Do you ever get that overwhelming feeling of insignificance? Ever wondered where that feeling is coming from?? Have you ever wanted to shut that voice up that is limiting your capabilities? If you take only one thing from today’s post let it be that self worth means you are enough!

Self Worth

Adam Roa said it so beautiful, he said : “The capacity you have to love others is limited to the capacity to love yourself.” It’s easy to find something to be critical of ourselves, that we forget there is so much to be proud of. That is why you need to always know that you are enough!

Take a minute after reading this post and listen to the Spoken Word of Adam Roa and you will realise that everyone one of us battle with something that makes us feel insecure and insignificant (go and check out his podcast, its sooo good)

Self worth means you are enough

Think about this for a minute. Someone else’s opinion of you, is their business, it has nothing to do with you. They look at you and will do one of two things. 1) See something awesome in you and doubt themselves for not matching your awesomeness. 2) They will see something they do not like or understand and be grateful they do not have that problem / issue. 

In today’s society it’s easier to break someone down, so you can feel more relatable. Its against our nature to ask for help or to admit when you can learn something from someone. Its even harder to build another person up to stand next to you instead we show dominance.

Imagine a world where self worth isn’t measured by how much money you have, what car you drive or what brands you are wearing. Rather by how many hugs you received and reciprocated, how many people you encouraged today? A world like that will be filled with so much more respect, happiness and genuine humanity. 

I will say it again, self worth means you are enough. You do not need to find your identity in the opinions of others. Be the person who you would be proud to call “myself”. If that person is enough then find your happiness and content in that person.

I urge you to look deep, find what makes you happy and unique within yourself. Do not go and pursue someone else’s version of happiness, it will not have the same effect! You be you!

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  1. Loved the video of adam. True words. You wil only ever become as good as you perceive yourself to be…

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