5 Quick ways to lift your mood Cover

The best 5 Quick ways to lift any mood

12 July 2019

We all experience a “black aura” kind of mood from time to time. This is normal if it happens from time to time. Stress, health and environmental elements can influence your mood. Today I will equip you with the best 5 quick ways to lift any mood and feel instantly better!

The best 5 Quick ways to lift any mood Cover
The best 5 Quick ways to lift any mood Cover

1. Step back and re-assess

Sometimes we are so caught up in the midst of things, that we completely miss the point. Getting worked up because you are not going to meet the deadline or meet your target is understandable. These are all things that are important, but they should not rule your emotions. If (and when) they do, step back, re-assess the situation. Maybe have a look to see if the way you are moving forward is still relevant and if there isn’t maybe a better way to work smarter instead of harder. Make sure that the strategies you implemented are still working for you. When you look at a problem with fresh eyes, you can easily identify problem areas. Where as if you push through you might loose sight of the goal and only focus on getting through your problems. This will make you feel frustrated and unsuccessful. Re-assess, readjust and refuel to reach your goal with new enthusiasm!

2. Music

Rhythm of music play a huge part in how it affect your mood. Sometimes your heartbeat might even sync up with the music you are listening to. A study has found that music that create pleasurable emotions light up the mesolimbic pathway. This is the part of the brain that make us feel happy. Music can calm the nerves and also shut the world out. It is a powerful tool that can be used to lift any type of mood. Music can make you feel emotions, sometimes it can even evoke memories. You know that feeling when you can remember exactly what you were doing and how you felt when listing to a certain song. Choose music that make you energetic and happy and keep a playlist on your phone with earphones close by. By doing this you create a safe and familiar environment that you can enter whenever you feel anxious or stressed.

3. Move your body

Whether you just go for a 5 min walk, do some yoga or dance in front of your stereo. Just move your body. By moving your body you release dopamine and serotonin which will improve your mood and decrease stress. While moving you can focus on the song you are dancing to, or your breathing during yoga which will take your mind off of the things that bother and stress you out. Shake off the negative energy. When dogs shake their bodies (we all have seen the Dulux add, so I know you know what I mean), they literally shake off negative energy by doing that. Imagine if humans could do that as well! In the end, it does not matter how you move your body, just move it. To take this moving to a whole new level is to take a stroll on the beach or in nature with a loved one. Feeling connected to the earth is a fundamental part of being human.

5 Ways to lift your mood
5 Ways to lift your mood

4. Meditate

Knowing how to control your mind is a powerful tool. Did you know that you get different meditating techniques. It can help you calm down, it can assist with anxiety and my favourite is it can quiet your mind and prepare you for a good night’s sleep. If your excuse it “I do not know how to meditate” or “My mind wander and I get side tracked” then I have news for you. These days there are so many (Free) applications available on our cellphone app stores. My current favourite one at the moment is Headspace. What I love about it is that there are guided sessions and you can set the time on how long you want to meditate for. They also have different section that you can focus on (anxiety, concentration or happiness). When you collect your thoughts and realign them you will be in such a better place to refocus and try again!

5. Good night’s sleep

I am such a grumpy old lady when I had a bad night’s sleep. Everything irritates me, I feel agitated and it doesn’t take much to make me go “ka-boom 💥” It has shown that a lack of sleep can influence your mood (anger, frustration, irritability and even depression). Being sleep deprived I find it is hard to concentrate and focus on anything and it takes me twice the time something would usually take. I make my worst decisions when I havn’t had enough sleep and the day feels like its dragging its feet. Making sure that you get enough sleep is vital, but also pay attention to the quality of the sleep you are getting. You might get 9 hours of sleep, but if you are awake every hour, or you toss and turn, you miss out on that deep sleep mode where your body recover and reset. Sleep is a really important aspect of our health and it is one of the biggest things we neglect. If I think of myself, the moment I have extra to do, I offer up my sleep instead of refocus  and reshuffle my day. Shaun Stevenson has got a brilliant series on sleep and I would highly recommend you check it out. Click here to check out The Model Health Show podcast (21 ways to cure your sleep problems prt 1)

The best 5 Quick ways to lift any mood

Last week I have wrote about Self Worth and as I write this post I realise how self worth influence your mood. When you constantly talk yourself down not only will you feel unsuccessful but you will also feel insignificant. Find what makes your heart happy and schedule some time to fill your “self-love” tank and keep your energy high.

Take the best 5 quick ways to lift any mood and see how you can implant them in your day to day routine. Go be awesome this weekend and make some time for yourself and do what makes your heart happy. Leave a comment below with what you do to lift your mod when you are feeling down.

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