January 2020 Favourites

January 2020 Favourites

3 February 2020

Lately I have been watching a few “favourites” videos and I also saw a few blogposts. I have not done one in ages and thought it would be fun to start them again. We all know January has got 83 days and if you are reading this post congratulations, you have made it to February. Keep on reading to see what products made my January 2020 Favourites list and got me to February.

January 2020 Favourites 

January 2020 Favourites

Recently I made my first video, got have a look on my Instagram feed or just click here. Most of these products get featured there. It is a soft glam but easy look to get you out the door as quick as possible. But we are here to chat about January 2020 Favourites.

Before I go ahead I just want to point out that the Elizabeth Arden brow pencil and the Stila eyeshadow was sent to me from the companies but my opinions are true and authentic.

January 2020 Favourites Cleanser

Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser

I had a look on the blog and for some reason I have never done a full review of this cleanser. I used it in previous blogposts but nowhere is a full review. This will all soon change. Come visit again in about two weeks if you want all the deeds. I have particularly enjoyed it this month because it the heat was something else and this washed away all the grime and sweatiness without stripping my skin. I find it calms the redness and just keep my skin in tip top shape.

January 2020 Favourites foundation

Revlon Photoready Candid Foundation

If you are looking for a natural and lightweight foundation with decent coverage then look no further. This is the lady for you. Throughout the month I have been predominately wearing this foundation and loving it! Lightweight, good coverage and a natural look is a few of this foundation’s attributes that landed is in my January 2020 Favourites. Well done Revlon! Another full review will also be on the blog end of this we

January 2020 Favourites Brow Pencil

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Brow Perfector

This is the only brow pencil you will need EVER! it literally does everything you can want and more. The fine tip makes it super easy to fill and shape the brows. The powder softens the brow and fill while adding colour. Lastly the spoolie brush out all the excess product and leave you with a beautiful shaped and filled brow. Now does that not make it sound super easy and convenient?

January 2020 Favourites Eyeshadow

Stila Suede Shade Liquid Eye Shadow

I know pinkish eyeshadows can sometimes be intimidating. if not used correctly it can easily make you look like you have spent hours in the bathroom crying. But this shadow is different. Its very pigmented, blends easy and creates a soft eye look. I could not doe a January 2020 Favourites post and not include this shadow. I have previously reviewed the glitter and glow liquid eyeshadows here, come check it out if you are looking for something more sparkly.

January 2020 favourites lip oils

Revlon Kiss Glow Lip Oil

if I am 100% honest the bottom lip oil is my favourite at the moment, but it was gifted to me and is currently out of stock. But the Revlon lip oil is just as amazing. My lips feel soft and moisturised and it adds a little bit of colour. You do not even need a mirror, just pop it on and smooth it out. The lip oil will do the rest. It’s also nice to pop over a lipstick, especially matte ones.

So these were my most used products and landed them in my January 2020 Favourites. In the comments below tell me what was your January 2020 Favourites, it does not have to be makeup or beauty. Id love to know what made you get through Janu-worry. If you want to see how most of these products look come check out my soft glam look on Instagram here.

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