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Why you would love the Lips Outfit Box πŸ’‹

28 February 2020

A while back I was gifted this beautiful Pierre Rene Lips Outfit Box set and I have loved it from day one. In today’s post I am going to tell you why you would love one too. A good lip product is like that one good bra, you can always count on it to feel like a queen πŸ‘‘.

Lips Outfit Box

Lips Outfit Box - Box

I have yet to find a product from the Pierre RenΓ© Professional range that I do not like. Their products are really good and they all perform like total gems! This Lips Outfit Box set is no exception, other than the fact that its exceptionally good! I have loved every single one of the three products and after reading this post you will be wanting a box of your own.

Lips Outfit Box - Cover

This is my perfect everyday kind of colour and to have it in a kit that I can mix and match products and finishes, makes my heart a happy one! You can wear any one of the three products on its own, or you can wear all three of them together. Does not matter which one you choose, you will still look and feel like royalty. I have tried to choose a favourite for this post, but it was impossible. Do you enjoy lip kits or makeup kits in general like these?

Lip Outfit Box - Lipstick

Cashmere Lipstick in 06

If ever there were a lipstick formula that should be cloned and made law, it is this one. There is so much that they got right with the formula, that its hard to fault. From the way it is super duper pigmented, to the way it feels extremely lightweight on the lips, right through to a beautiful glossy finish. It is an incredible lipstick and formula! Cashmere is a perfect description, cause that is exactly how it feels on the lips.

The Cashmere Lipstick formula is described as intensely pigmented and has a satin finish with absolute comfort and durability. It is a silky cream formula with the addition of rice oil and vitamin E for that extra nourishing comfort. This lipstick glides on like a dream without grabbing at your lips, it softens the lips and create a subtle glossy / satin finish.

Because this is so comfortable and moisturising on the lips, I expected to have to re-apply this quite often which is not the case! In conjunction with the Lip Matic Liner they create quite the power pair. I need more colours from this range, it is such a good lipstick!

I cannot put it out there enough how impressed I am with the Cashmere lipstick. Longevity is around the 4-5 hour wear mark. It smells like vanilla cup cakes and has a magnetic clip when closing the lipstick bullet. You really do need at least one of these lipsticks to experience the awesomeness!

Lips Outfit Box - Cover Gloss

Cover Gloss in 01

I have never been a big gloss fan, but the Cover Gloss can 100% turn me around. The Cover Gloss is a very interesting gloss as it has an intense colour with a satin finish, but it can also be sheered out and worn on its own, or over just the lip liner for a more toned down look. I find it extremely versatile and most importantly not sticky at all.

This is the kinda gloss I have been searching for all my life. It contains argan oil which cares and moisturises your lips while the intense colour give you the choice to wear it on its own or over other products. Best of all it does not make my lips look and feel tacky or gloopy. Instead I feel poised and well put together.

The doe foot applicator makes for easy, but precise application and easy to spread around. It does not bleed at all into the edges of my lips but rather make my lips look smooth and smooch-able πŸ’‹.

If you are looking for that little something extra to take your makeup to a whole new level, you need this gloss! And while you are add it why not look at the Lip Matic Liners as well, they go well with any other lip product. But can also hold their own candle if need be.

Lips Outfit Box - Lip Matic Liner

Lip Matic Liner in 06

You will notice that the liner and the lipstick are the same numbers. They correspond so that it is easy to match them together, but makeup has no rules – just guidelines! Like I have already said, the Pierre RenΓ© Professional range is really hard to fault. Even with products like their liners there are exceptional tiny details that just amp up the quality!

Each Lip Matic Liner not only correspond with one of the Cashmere Lipsticks, but they also can stand their own ground when it comes to pigmentation. These liners garuntee exception smooth and preciseness. I find them creamy and saturated with colour richness. They do not dry out my lips at all and on the days where I need a little bit of a matte lip, they are handy and ready!

You will find a rubber placeholder for your fingers which is such a luxury feel to something so simple as a liner, but now I feel all liners need that 😁.  I can still not get over how full coverage these liners are and how smooth and long-lasting they are. Such amazing value for money.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member these Lips Outfit Box is exactly what you need. If you need a little “pick me up”, why not spoil yourself? The Lips Outfit Box retails for R599 on the Glamore Cosmetics website where you can order online.

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