Revlon Photoready Candid Range - Cover
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Revlon Photoready Candid Range

17 February 2020

Revlon smashed it last year! They had so many interesting and new releases the I did not keep up.If you click here you will see one of their colorstay palettes put up against other similar palettes. Was a fun post to do! But before I get side tracked again, in today’s post we are going to the review the Photoready Candid range – well most of the range. I failed to pick up the glow drops. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Revlon Photoready Candid Range

Revlon Photoready Candid Range - Cover

If you are like me then new releases gets that little girl inside of you all excited like she is on a sugar rush or something. That is how I felt when these products were released and I loved testing them and playing with them and then I fell off the face of the earth before I could review them. So now is just as good as any other time to share with you my thoughts.

Revlon Photoready Candid foundation

Revlon Photoready Candid foundation

Lets start with the packaging, well done Revlon! There is a lot to love about this packaging. From the squeezy tube to the pump, all the way to the see through but sturdy lid. In the middle you can see the colour of the foundation and I was not convinced that this is the correct colour but, once its buffed out it is a perfect match.

There is a slight smell to the foundation but it dissipates quickly.I cannot quite put my finger on the smell but it is not offensive, but if you are sensitive to certain smells, first check it out. According to the Revlon website there is 12 shades available, I am not sure if that it all the shades, but I feel its really not inclusive of all skin tones.

Now the formula on this foundation is also really nice. When you first use it you will notice it liquid, but almost like tipped cream consistency. It is easy to use and easy to blend. I find that its forgiving on  dry patches and soft on the skin.

The tube reads that this is a medium but buildable coverage and I agree with that. If you have beautiful freckles they will still shine through a bit and any spots you need to give some extra love and attention. The finish is very natural and for a lack of a better term “your skin but better”.  It lasts a good 6 hours on my skin and I like the way it looks and feel on my skin. This is a very comfortable foundation and one I can see myself repurchasing over and over. I have already featured it in my January Favourites post.

Photoready Candid Concealer

I am not the biggest concealer fan, but I thought I’d like to try it. The packaging is very standard until you get to the doe foot applicator. It’s curved and a little flared at the end. The colour looked a bit yellow, but its the perfect colour to brighten  and conceal. I Since I do not rally have dark under eye circles I usually do not use concealer as I feel they look cakey easily.

Applying the concealer it easy and I find it blends easy as well, but if I am honest I do not like the look of it really. This is a personal preference and not really a reflection on the product.

The concealer has got a very similar smell than the foundation and just like the foundation it blends really well and sinks into the skin. There is also 12 shades in the range as far as I can see from the website.

My problem comes from when I have to add the powder to set it. That is when I do not like it. At this point I do not know if I should try and teach myself how to make this work or if I should just gift it to a friend. Let me know what you suggest in the comments below.

Photoready Candid - Powder

Photoready Candid Setting Powder

This is another great win for Revlon regarding packaging. How many times have you and me dipped into a loose powder and let it fly EVERYWHERE! This tub has got a sifter lid that you can open slightly to shake out some product and then lightly dust on your face. I can appreciate that.

Now the powder also has got that distinct smell but it doesn’t linger and its not really overwhelming. If you have dry skin, maybe this powder is not the best idea for you though. But if you are on the oiler side then you will enjoy this powder. But it you plan on taking photos with a flash then maybe you should rather choose another powder.

The powder gives the foundation a nice airbrushed look and they work well together. It made my foundation last a little bit longer and it also made my blush and bronzer stay in place a little longer than usual.

I am still on the fence if I will repurchase this powder, but I am enjoying it while I am still using it. Its good middle way, not the worst I own, but there is a powder or two I prefer above this powder.

Revlon Kiss Glow - Lip Oil

Revlon Kiss Glow – Lip Oil

This is another mention in my January Favourites post. Not only is is comfortable the lip and give a great shine, it also smells like vanilla cup cakes. I have enjoyed just throwing this on my lips, whether is on its own or over a matte lipstick. This is the kind of easy going product I really enjoy using.

The packaging is standard for lip oils and the doe foot applicator is also very standard. If you are looking for something that last forever on the lips or leave a stain behind then this is not the product for you. Yes it adds a tad of colour but just enough to not be a clear gloss.

I enjoy the the way it make my lips feel soft and moisturised even when I am wearing a matte lipstick. I tried to find it online so share with. you guys the funky colours in the range but could not find it anywhere.

So these are my thoughts on the Photoready Candid Range. Have you tried anything from the range and if so what did you think and will you repurchase the item?



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