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{Self-love} Ways we love hating ourselves

13 February 2020

Seeing that tomorrow is Valentines day I thought Id get a little vulnerable and share a bit about my journey. Self-love  really is becoming more and more a focus point, especially online. Carving some me-time out for yourself to practice some self care is super important in our lives today. It influence our mental health and more important our relationships.


Self-Love - Cover


The Super Woman

Yes! We all want to be that super woman, but that comes at a very high cost. It is impossible to always look like you are ready to walk onto a magazine shoot or to always look like you have your sh!t together. Sometimes its good to just fall apart and ugly cry. I mean cry until your eyes look like they were stung by bees. Because lets be real, just like “superman” and “super girl” who are fictional characters, so are these aspirations. We love to fixate on what could have been better, that we forget to give ourselves credit for what is perfect. Practice self-love by accepting your flaws and working towards achievable goals and self-improvement.

Weight is just a number on the scale!

I use to weigh myself every morning and could just hate myself when I see I have gained another few hundred grams, it all tallies up so so many kilos by now. But I forget to allow myself grace for the trauma my body is dealing with. Body image is a very tricky topic and I am not saying throw moderation and good exercise out the window. Just accept how you look and work towards a goal of feeling comfortable in your own skin rather than to fit into a certain size or reach a certain weight. We love to punish ourselves for not looking like another person without knowing their real life struggles. Look after yourself through self-care, eat healthy and meditate (a whole new topic for another post). Check out my friend Meg from Mindthecurvesza – on Instagram. I absolutely love her approach to body-image and body-positivity.

Self-Love - Milo

Running faster than The Flash himself

Sometimes we plan our lives down to the minute and there are no time to slow down and appreciate the time and opportunities we are granted. Being around the people you love is one of life’s greatest honours and we should  cherish every single moment we get to spend together. My Milo was sent to us on the exact moment I needed her in my life and I take her for granted more often than not. We never know when it will be the last time you see one another. I think sometimes we keep busy just to avoid dealing with feelings or issues that is too hard to work through. Keeping anger in your heart towards someone who wronged you, is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. But I am getting of topic! Take a few minutes each day and sit with your family sharing what made you feel grateful each day. You will be amazed at how gratitude can multiply and change one’s mindset.

Everybody else is more important than you!

Okay, so maybe you are a mom, a manager, a teacher? We love to let other peoples feelings or actions be more important than our own. You will give up your lunch break to assist a colleague with something when you could have spent that time to work on your own mental health or just taking some me-time. Find something that makes your heart sing out loud and makes your soul warm. Carve time out to practice me-time! If you like spoiling yourself by getting your nails done, do that. If painting is your thing, then set boundaries that everyone knows when you paint they do not get to disturb you. Setting boundaries should not be a negative, it should be seen as a form of self respect.

Self-love - nails

These and so many other ways we find to put ourselves down and make ourselves smaller to fit into someone else’s opinion of us. Hating ourselves and being dissatisfied is sometimes easier than to be honest with yourselves and work towards our own needs and goals.

If you have a date this Valentines day, whether it is with your partner or just yourself, remember only you are responsible for your own happiness and waiting or wanting acceptance or action from some else is giving them power over you. Your self acceptance and self-love should be what you chase after cause you are worth it!

If you are looking for more inspiration give these two posts a read. I chat about Self worth and how to lift any mood and make you feel better.

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