The Nook Trials - Bronx Colors Cover
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The Nook Trials – Bronx Colors

23 February 2020

Here I was just minding my own business and browsing my local Edgars when I came across a new makeup brand in town. Welcome Bronx Colors! Now obviously some testing and playing will be involve and putting a few things from this brand to the test.

The Nook Trials – Bronx Colors

The Nook Trials - Bronx Colors Cover


I have to just admit that I am very thankful and grateful for my blog and that I get to test and try new things. Please keep in mind that I bought these products myself and they were not sent to me, but I am happy that I get to live out my passion and hopefully make the life a little easier or more relatable for someone out there. In saying that I had so much fun posting my first impression of each product during the course of the week.

I unfortunately missed a day or two and The Nook Trial ran a little late this week, work completely kicked my but this week amongst other things. But here I am not only posting my first impressions but also my final thoughts on all the goodies I picked up. I tried to pick up items that I could create a full face with, and I tried to get a mix of everything (liquids, powders ect.) Check out the hashtag Bronx Beauty for more product pictures.


The Nook Trials - Bronx Colors Foundation

Bronx Colors – Waterproof Foundation

Let’s all say YAY for a pump! I do enjoy a foundation bottle with a pump, I feel its more hygienic and you tend to waste less product. The frosted glass is beautiful and makes the writing stand out. At first I did not think this would be the right colour for my skin, but something happens after you put this foundation on and it matched me perfectly.

The coverage is medium, I still had some spots poking through but it did a good enough job. I would not suggest that you try and build this foundation to be more full coverage as I experienced some problems with this foundation. I have an oily skin and I think this foundation is more suitable for people with dry to normal skin as I had to blot my foundation back into place during the day.

What I did like about the foundation is how natural it looked on my skin. It made it look soft and almost airbrushed. The blendability of the foundation is very good and I had no issues with streaks and other powder products layered nicely onto of this foundation without moving it around initially.

I am not sure I would repurchase this foundation as I feel it is not the right fit for my skin, but I would like to test some of the other foundations they have in their range. The Bronx Colors waterproof foundation retails for R296 and you get 20 ml.


The Nook Trials - Bronx Colors Foundation

Bronx Colors – Bronzing Face Powder in Light

I am completely sold on this product! There is so much that is right about this bronzer like the fact that it blends like a dream – it is soft and does not grab at skin patches. The color is really nice and super pigmented ( I need to pull back and use a lighter hand).

The packaging is just as amazing. The compact is really nice and tight, which means it will not open unexpectedly and get damaged. On this inside there is a decent size mirror and I love that almost the most.

This is one of the products I will definitely repurchase and I am glad that I found this gem. It is retailing for R195


Bronx Colors – Micro Eyebrow Pencil and Brow Brush

Another great product and one of my favourites! The super fine pencil creates beautiful hair strokes and makes it so easy. Its precise and soft which makes it very pigmented. The spoolie on the other end helps to soften the look and spread the product and colour.  The brush is firm but still soft and helps blending everything together and even out the product.

I am writing this one down in the books a yes to repurchase. On the Edgars beauty website this is retailing for R195 currently.


The Nook Trials - Bronx Colors Skinny Mascara

Bronx Colors – Skinny Mascara

I was really looking forward to testing this mascara but unfortunately was left a little bit let down.  Do not get me wrong, this is a great mascara for the lower lash line, it grabs onto all the tiny lashes and coats them nice and black. The problem for me comes with the upper lashes. It takes forever to get something done. It feels like this mascara adds no length or volume and it is for that reason that I feel meh about this mascara.

In saying that I do think that this mascara is meant for the lower lash which then makes it an okay mascara. The wand is a bit washy because its too small for the upper lashes and a bit too far apart for the lower lashes. Not my favourite product but something I will definitely keep using.

You can pick this up for R195


The Nook Trials - Bronx Colors Lipstick

Bronx Colors – The Legendary Lipstick in Tea Rose

Packaging with a twist makes my heart very happy and this click at the top that makes the lippie pop out at the bottom falls into that category of cool packaging. I also find the tube nice and sturdy

The formula is another meh for me. It is very pigmented and feels nice on the lips. The lipstick is very pigmented and hydrating on the lips. I mentioned in my first impressions that this is half way between matte and glossy and I like the way it melts into my lips. I just find that it does not really last long at all and the floral scent is okay. I really wanted to like this lippie more than I do but will unfortunately not repurchase this range. There is however other lippies that I want to try from the Bronx Beauty makeup range.

You get pick this up for R246


Have you seen or tried anything from the Bronx Beauty range? I was pleasantly surprised  when I first saw the Bronx makeup stand and they have quite a extensive range. Surely there will be something for everyone.

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