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The Nook Trials – Eye Makeup Brushes

15 February 2020

Happy Valentines weekend everyone, hope you are being spoiled and love as we all deserve to be. This week on The Nook Trials we chatted about makeup brushes. What they are used for how to work with them. I truly hope that this series helped someone to be less overwhelmed when standing infant of the brush counter. I know I looked like a deer in head lights when I started, but also remember that there is no rules, only guideline. You do what is comfortable for you.

Essence Eye Makeup Brushes - All together

Eye Makeup Brushes

Makeup should be a way to express yourself, it should be fun and make you feel beautiful and confidant. Makeup to me feels like magic in a compact! I love shopping for makeup and testing makeup, but more so I really enjoy teaching (not that I know a lot) others so that they can experience makeup the same way I do. And this is what this series is all about!

Essence Eye Makeup Brushes - Cover

There are so many brands with eye makeup brushes (and face brushes) that it can easily be overwhelming and confusing if you are new to makeup or if you just want to change things up. That is why I chose a range from an affordable brand that is also good value for money. These brushes wash well, they do not start shedding after the first wash and they work wonders. I really do think is amazing value for moola when you invest in set like this. The other great plus point is that you buy them individually so you can choose which ones will work for you and your style of makeup.


Essence Eye Makeup Brushes - Blender

Blender Brush

A blender brush is used to blend colour out and blend shadows together. Hence the name! When doing my eye makeup I usually start by blending a neutral brownish shade into my crease. This will help shadows blend better tougher once you start adding colour to your eyelid and it will also aid in creating dimension. Now the perfect blender brush has got long dense-fish bristles and has a dome shape. If the bristles are not dense enough the brush battles to distribute the colour evenly. If the bristles are too dense, then it can very easily deposit too much colour and ruin a look in one sweep! This Essence blender brush is the perfect shape and denseness combined with the perfect softness and fluffiness and good blender needs. Check out the following two posts where I featured some of my favourite blending brushes (Sigma & Moda Pro)

Essence Eye Makeup Brushes - Eye shadow

Eyeshadow Brush

This brush is your best friend! after you have created a good transition colour as a base and you are ready to add some colour to your lid this brush makes applying colour a dream. You will notice that this is also a dome shaped brush but it is flat. The reason for the shape is to pickup colour and not to loose intensity and the domed bristles make it easy to reach all the way to the crease and bend to fit the shape of your eye. Most eyeshadow brushes tend to pickup a lot of shadow pigment, so be sure to tap your brush before applying to your lid. This way you will be able to build the colour and intensity. Its way easier to add more than to have to blend away. When you spray this brush with a bit of liquid and then apply your shadow, it will help to intensify the shadow pigmentation, especially shimmer shades.

Essence Eye Makeup Brushes - Eye smudger brush

Smudging Brush

a smudging brush is typically a smaller brush that looks like the eyeshadow brush. But because it significantly smaller than the eyeshadow brush it allows you to easily smudge and blow out eyeshadow on the lash line or under your eyes. You will see that brush is also dome / curves shaped, it is also to take on the shape of your eye when pressed against your skin. This brush is amazing for smoking out the lower lash line or adding highlight on the inner corner of your eye. Adding colour to your lower lash line will balance out your eye look and make everything look balanced. You can also use this bruhs to do a shadow liner (but there is another brush I would recommend for that).

Essence Eye Makeup Brushes - Silli Helper

Glitter & Pigment Applicator

Unlike the first three brushes, this is the first brush you do not need to have, but its convenient to own. Normal (matte or sheen) eyeshadows are easy pick up and blend but glitters and shimmers are a different story. If you are going to use a fluffy brush for glitter and shimmers you will look like a Christmas tree the whole day, cause they will fly everywhere! The silicone tip make the glitter and shimmers cling to and and transfer easier to your lid. Even you fingers will do a better job than a fluff brush. The silicone also pack on the shimmer more dense and pigmented. But like I said, you do not have to have this brush, your fingers will work fine as well.

Essence Eye Makeup Brushes - Eyebrow brush

Eyebrow Brush

This is also one of the important ones you can invest in. It is all in the name, eyebrow brush! Doesn’t matter if you are creating a natural brow or a defined brow. The slanted edge helps  to create a crisp and strait line and if you turn it sideways you can create beautiful and natural hair like strokes with the right kind of product. Make sure that the bristles are nice and firm to ensure a crisp line.

You will not go wrong when picking up one, or all, of these makeup brushes. They retail around R30 – R40 per brush and can be found in Clicks, Dis-Chem or Takealot. Although they are very reasonably priced they perform well and above my expectations. You can have a look here to see what other makeup brushes there are in this range.

Tell me in the comments below what makeup brushes you invested in and if this post helped you a bit. Remember to visit the highlight icon on my Instagram to view all previous The Nook Trials posts.

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