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The Nook Trials

The Nook Trials – Shampoo Review

8 February 2020

If you are in the market for a new Salon Shampoo then this post is just the one for you! Salon shampoos can really be expensive these days (but some are totally worth the splurge) so if my shampoo review can help you decide yay or nay then I succeeded at my job.

Shampoo Review - Cover

The Nook Trials is something that I am very proud of and I really enjoy preparing for my social media each week. It evolved from my #testblock series and I feel it sets me apart from other bloggers. So this is how the The Nook Trials work – each week I will post a picture with 5 products to Instagram. This is how you will know exactly what is up for review. Then each day of the week on my Instagram Stories I will post a quick fire review,  at the end of the week I’ll do a blogpost just wrapping up and putting all my thoughts together. Also check out my Instagram highlights if you missed a day.


Shampoo Review - Fibre Plex No3

Scwarzkopf FibrePlex No3 Shampoo Review

FibrePlex is more of a treatment rather than a shampoo but it was given to me to use in addition to my shampoo routine after I had a treatment done a while ago. When you have your hair coloured or bleached then this is your best friend. This is an easy at home treatment / shampoo that assist in reducing the damage cause by these type of treatments. It is an extension of the FibrePlex salon treatment to maintain and improve hair quality.

you can get this form RetailBox here.

Shampoo review - Inoar

Inoar Detox Shampoo Review

This is another helper in the repair department. It is said to help dry, lifeless and brittle hair. When I was using this shampoo my hair was already quite healthy as I was growing to donate to Cansa. I did feel that my hair was looking shine and refreshed. The consistency is more on the thicker side than normal shampoos. This makes it a bit easier to control and stop it from running everywhere (geez! I make it sound like I’m trying to manage a “pack” of todlers in the shower). It lathers really nicely and I enjoy using this shampoo to just reset my hair when needed.

Click the link to visit The Beautiful Store to check out this shampoo. I have done a full review of this shampoo if you want to check it out.

Shampoo Review - Kérastase Densifique

Kérastase Densifique Shampoo Review

Because I have loads of thin and fine hair, I struggle a lot with the texture and volume. My hair is flat, on the heavy side and extremely straight. A recipe for disaster. the Densifique Shampoo is designed to strengthen the hair and to lift the follicles to create some volume and texture. This makes the hair look fuller and thicker. Its all very big claims and this shampoo did deliver to a degree. I think using this shampoo in conjunction with a texture spray would give you all the volume and fullness you need.

I purchase mine from RetailBox here.

Shampoo Review - Goldwell

Goldwell Dualsenses Ultra Volume Shampoo Review

This is one of my most repurchased shampoos of all time!! I love this one to the moon and back and here is why. In addition to leaving my hair feeling squeaky clean it also adds shine and volume. Its like my shampoo fairy godmother. I found it very gentle on my hair meaning my hair didn’t feel like grass afterwards. There is a conditioner in this range that I am dining to test in conjunction with this shampoo because I am thinking that will be a difficult match to beat. One of my favourite shampoo and I will keep on repurchasing!

RetailBox also stock this Goldwell Shampoo here!

Shampoo Review - Schwarzkopf Deep Cleansing

Schwarzkopf Deep Cleansing Shampoo Review

If you are looking for a shampoo that can get rid of and and all kinds of air grime, then this shampoo should be on you shopping list. My hair feel twice as clean and I feel it last longer before getting oily again. Its still gentle on the scalp but does wonders for my hair! A little goes a looooong way and the smell is so refreshing. May hair looks like something out of a hair commercial when I use this miracle shampoo.

I think the packaging might have changed since I last bought mine, but check it out here.

What salon shampoo is your “ride or die” shampoo? Id love to know and chat about that in the comments below.

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