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5 March 2020

Grab a cup of tea and a pack of tissues because today’s post is going to be a little bit of an emotional one. Today we are talking all about Maria Cosmetics and looking at some of their lippies and a highlighter. You can tell that these products are a creation that came from love and passion and I find it simply nothing short of magnificent.

Maria Cosmetics - Cover

Maria Cosmetics

Last year I went to the launch of the Hero Highlighter by Maria Cosmetics and I have to tell you it was such a blessing. We had great fun, amazing treats and we got to play with makeup. Does that not sound like the most amazing morning. Best of all it was spent with other amazing women. I really appreciate what this brand stands for and the way it was

Andrea Hurter had a passion for making women look and feel beautiful when she as assisting her mother Marietjie at weddings and other shoots. After her mother’s life was taken here on earth by cancer she felt the need to still make women feel beautiful, but also to empower them and leaving a lipstick was her way of starting a business. This is so special and I have to admit I teared up a bit when she showed us a video all about Maria Cosmetics – click the link here to have a look at it.

To me this is such a special bond between mother and daughter and I can only hope to one day have the same impact on my kids. She raised a young women that have got compassion in buckets and a drive like no other. I think another reason why this hits home so hard is because of my own journey I had to walk after loosing my mother and best friend. But I am sure you came here for the makeup and not a history lesson, although if you have a look at the names of all the products you will find that they all are inspired by women who played a significant part in history.

Maria Cometics - Lipsticks


The lipstick tubes are a beautiful gold tube that closes really “snuggly”. It feels and looks upmarket without really having all the bells and whistles. By that I mean, no magnetic clip, no mirror on the side and no little light-a-ma-thingy-jiggy. To keep the price down I do not need any of that, I mean who would not appreciated an amazing formulated product above cool packaging. This is a very long winded way of saying the packing is nice enough, but the product inside is even better!


I told you guys that the inside is soooo good. The formula is so lightweight but it packs a punch! After applying this lipstick, I sometimes forget that I am wearing anything cause its so lightweight. But then I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and I am shocked at how vibrant this lipstick still is. There is no grabbing at dry patches or bleeding on the edges or pilling. It is just 100% pure amazingness! The formula is comfortable and really something you can wear everyday. Totally in love with the formula ❤️

Maria Cosmetics - Flyaway Frieda

Staying Power

12/10! Yes, its not transferproof and yes its not 100 matte, but somehow the colour of these lippies stick like “something” to a blanket. I get at least 6 hours wear from them and then I still feel it leaves behind a little stain. I really have not expected to enjoy this lipstick as much as I do, but its really great.


These lippies are so well priced for the quality that you receive. They retail for R180 and you can also get them thee is a set and these sets are currently on sale @ R450 each. I cannot express enough what great quality these lippies are, and if you compare them to some more mainstream brands that are available in well known shop, this lippie will win hands down! You can order online from Marcia Cosmetics.

Maria Cosmetics - Jukebox Joan

Shade Range

Currently there are 6 shades in the range, but maybe in the future there will be some more, cause with this great formula it deserves to have its own colour wheel! As you can see from the pics I have two of the shades and I am so tempted to pick up more. I need to own them all, even the orange one! It will motivate me to get outside of my comfort zone!

Maria Cosmetics - Hero Highlighter

Maria Cosmetics Hero Highlighter

As a bonus I thought I’d run through my thoughts of the Hero Highlighter as well. I am not the biggest fan of highlighters as I always feel that they excencuate my textured skin. But I just had to test and try this one as the formula felt so soft and you can also use it as an eyeshadow.


The lid of the compact has got geometrical diamond texture on it, and it projects the most beautiful patterns when you hold it up in sunlight. Then when you open the compact and you lift the highlighter pan you find that there is a mirror at the bottom 😱. How fancy is that, and so handy? The compact is very sturdy and close with a distinctive and tight click.


It is so soft and so buttery and so shiny, that Im sure you will find the recipe on the ark!!! (Its that special). I find that I can use this highlighter with a light hand and it creates the most beautiful glow with out extcecuating any of my pores or scares. And on days when I feel more courages I can intensify it and still look and feel comfortable. As an eyeshadow it looks amazing, when I’m quickly popping out and need a “quick fix” this is what I use. Unfortunately my oily lids is winning the battle, but it is only cause the formula is so soft. But then again this is a highlighter and not an eyeshadow.

Maria Cosmetics - Highlighter formula

Shade Range

Currently there are four shade (check them out here) in the range and eventually I would love to own them all!!! On the day of the launch this one was the one I granted to more as its has a pinky / gold tone to it and I find those highlighters work better with my skin tone. I do believe that there is a shade for most skin tones and even one for the brave and funky people.


Once again the pricing is really on point and I feel very reasonable at R200 per highlighter. The packaging is really nice and once again the product even better.

I have really enjoyed every single product I purchased from Maria Cosmetics and there is still some left on my “want-to-need” list that I will be picking up on the near future. Please let me know in the comments below if you have first off heard of this brand, and secondly if you have tried any of their products, and obviously what you thought of them. Also please check out my previous post where I share with you all the goodies I picked up in the month of February

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