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The Nook Trials – Moisturisers

8 March 2020

I have tried a few moisturisers over the last few years and I came across some that are real keepers that I keep repurchasing. I know that skincare is very personal and different for each person. I’d love to know in the comments below what is your favourite moisturisers. But today is another The Nook Trials post, during the week I chatted about the moisturisers I am currently rotating in my collection.

The Nook Trials – Moisturisers

The Nook Trials - Moisturisers Cover

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I really love this series and I hope that you love it too. Let’s get into the quick fire reviews of the week.

The Nook Trials - Nugg Lip Mask

Nugg Beauty Lip Mask

I fell in love with these lip spheres a while back and they are amazing. There is a lip scrub and then a lip mask and both has featured on my blog before. The Nugg beauty lips mask is said to hydrate, smooth and help plump you lips. Its a thick balm that mens into you lips leaving them soft, moisturised and healthy. It can also be turned into over night mask, but I prefer not to. I like to slather this on and then take it off before I add a hydrating lip balm. I use to have really chapped winter lips and this mask saved my lips!

The Nook Trials - Moisturisers Basix Foot Food

Basix – Foot Food

This is the best foot balm EVER!!! It contains glycerin, peppermint oil, menthol and few other ingredients. It is said to moisturise, assist in moisture retention, improve circulation and invigorate tired feet. I was sent my first tub from the brand and I already picked up more. My favourite way to use this balm is to massage it into my heals and then put on my silicone socks. My feet really does soak up all the moisture it needs and they do feel invigorating afterwards. When I use this balm regularly my heels do not crack as quickly and they feel healthy.

The Nook Trials - Moisturisers Palmers

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula 

This moisturiser feels a lot like a cleansing balm and it also acts a lot like a cleansing balm, but it not. You need to “scoop” a piece out and heat it between your fingers. It melts  a bitand become oily-is, but super moisturising. If you are sensitive to fragranced products then this one is not for  you cause it has got a very heavy chocolate smell. During the winter when my human skin turns into crocodile skin this is perfect to apply everywhere, but because it is so thick, I also like to use it on my feet. It really does soften & soothes.

The Nook Trials - Moisturiser Environ debut

Environ Debut Moisturiser

Every month when I got for my facial this moisturiser is the last step. I love this moisturiser but I hate smelling it during my facial cause then I know It has come to an end. This Environ Debut moisturiser is enriched with vitamins A,C & E. It also contains antioxidants that help to fight free radicals caused by pollution and things like aircons at the office / home. I really like the smell of this moisturiser and my skin feels plump and healthy. I almost need to repurchase this one as mine is very close to finish.

The Nook Trials - Moisturisers Clinique

Clinique ID Dramatically Different Oil-Control Gel

This updated version was released last year and I immediately jumped on the bandwagon. I really like the idea of a serum mixed into my moisturiser. It not only takes a step out my routine, but also forces me to use a serum. This is another lightweight moisturiser, I clearly have a type 😂😂. The pump is so handy and dispenses just enough and the right amount of product. The Clinique ID plays well with my foundations and I really like the step system of Clinique. speaking of a system, the ID range is amazing how you can set up a system that targets your exact skincare concern. I already replaced this one’s replacement as you can see I am running low. I highly recommend this moisturiser.

Please let us know in the comments below what type of skin type you have and what your favourite moisturiser is to use. Next week we are discussing lip balms. Be sure to pop in next weekend for the round up. Have an awesome week ahead.

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