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Review : New Plantur39 Range

28 December 2020

A few weeks ago the lovely people over at Plantur39 sent over a few items from their range for me to test and try and in today’s post I want to share with you my thoughts. It has taken me a while to write this piece, so you know I have put the range through the wringer to give you all the deeds.


Plantur39 Cover


I might not be over forty but I have recently coloured my hair. I had a beautiful blond ombre done and we all know that blond always feel a bit “grassy” in the beginning. So I thought this would be a great time to test this range from Plantur39. Never before have I heard of this brand, so I was very intrigued when they contacted me to review the range.

Plantur39 is developed by De Wolff R&D labs in collaboration with the dermatological institute of the Jena University Clinic. Plantur39 combines caffeine, zinc and niacin with active botanical phyto-flaconoids to guard against age-related hair loss.

The range has a light, fresh and fruity smell that isn’t overpowering at all. I find all the items I tested lightweight and my hair wasn’t feeling run down or heavy at all. The range left my hair feeling refreshed and squeaky clean but not stripped. I especially enjoyed the shampoo and the tonic.

Plantur39 Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo

Plantur39 Shampoo


I am really in love with the smell of this range, its a really great “pick me up” in the mornings. The shampoo is a clear light green colour and it makes me feel that it does a better job at cleaning my hair than other richer shampoos. I found that it performs well in cleaning out normal day to day wear, even dry shampoo is no match for this shampoo. A second wash or what some people may call a “pre-cleanse” has not been necessary at all. The shampoo performs really well and I think from the whole range this is my favourite.

The shampoo contains natural wheat extracts and provitamin B5 which conditions, repairs the hair and protects the colour. Damaged hair is smoothed and shiny and gorgeous. It is recommended to be used daily and to leave on the scalp for two minutes from application to rinse.

Plantur39 Conditioner


Plantur39 Conditioner

The theme of lightweight runs trough the whole range and the conditioner is no exception. This has got pros and cons like any other range you have to find what suits your needs. Like I mentioned earlier I have very blond ends at the moment and the blond need some deep conditioning.

Unfortunately this lightweight conditioner did not provide me with the nourishment I need at the moment but it still does a good job. On the areas where my hair is not coloured I can feel that the brush runs through easily, which suggest good condition. The blond areas however need a little more attention.

I have found that there is less hair on my brush and in the shower after I have used this range. My husband appreciates this aspect the most 😜. The other thing that I found is that there is a 100ml less in the conditioner than the shampoo and I use more conditioner at any given time than shampoo. This leaves and almost empty conditioner and half a shampoo bottle. Not the biggest issue but something I’d thought I’d mention.

Not my favourite conditioner but something I will continue to use until the bottle is empty. Just because this did not work for me does not mean its not a great product. This might be the answer to your hair woes.


Plantur39 Tonic

Plantur39 Phyto-Caffeine Tonic

A very intriguing product!!! And you guessed it, another lightweight tonic. Its a watery consistency which makes it easy to be absorbed and the way the top is designed make it really easy to use. This tonic too has that beautiful fruity smell and leaves my hair refreshed and looking healthy.

This waterless tonic contains caffeine as well as hair vitamins such as niacin, zinc salts and bio-active substances (genistein from soy plants). These promotes stronger hair. I am glad to say that this product leaves no residue after using it, my hair dried nice and clean. I want to dare and say that since using this I have found less hair on my brush after washing my hair.

The design of how the bottle close is interesting and prevents spillage as the tonic is almost like water. I can appreciated the thought the company has put into this. I feel the green colour suites the range really well and adds to the suggestion of a lightweight range.


If you are experiencing some hair loss problems at the moment I would recommend you look into this range and see if you can help cause a girl needs a good hair day right? You can find these at selected Clicks and Dis-Them stores nationwide.The range price between R155 and R180 per product.

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