Budget friendly gift ideas - Cover

Budget Friendly Gift Ideas – Under R100

25 January 2021

We all know January only has got 31 days, but it feels like there are 3 months jammed into those 31 days. So I feel sorry for those of our friends who have birthdays in January and that is why I thought I’d create a post where I share some budget friendly gift ideas.

Some of these ideas are from items and ingredients we already have in our house and others you can set up in the car on our way to your friend. Nothing better than some budget friendly gift ideas and something that takes no time to wrap, but looks cool! All affordable gifts coming up!

Budget friendly gift ideas - Cover

Budget Friendly Gift Ideas

I’d like to find out from you guys which store is your go-to for a gift, whether it’s for a family member or a friend, or even a colleague? Personally, I love Clicks and Typo. Usually, between those two shops, you should be sorted to pick up any gift for anyone. You might as well add Dis-Chem to the mix. If you want to scribble down some budget friendly gift ideas then keep on reading.

I have a few easy and budget friendly gift ideas in my back pocket that I fall back on whenever I am short of time or short of cashflow. Not only do they save time and money, but they will also make you look like you tried a lot harder than what you actually did. #lifehack

Budget friendly gift ideas - Magazine

Sweeties wrapped in a magazine

Honestly, this is my favorite and go-to gift idea. Inside the baby magazine in the photos, is a packet of M&M’s chocolates. There are so many versions of this gift that you can create. If your friend or a family member has a specific hobby (cooking, photography, embroidery, etc) you can personalize the magazine. You can also make the gift fancier by getting a specialized magazine with special sweeties like truffles or you can go plain Jane and get some Jelly Tots and a You magazine. Whatever floats your boat 🤪

Budget friendly gift ideas - Lippie

Lippie and Compact

Essence has got some really great lip options to suit the budget friendly gift ideas theme. From the whole Essence range, I have to admit I enjoy their lipsticks the most, they range from around R50 to about R80, really affordable. Now you can either pair a good lipstick with a great gloss, but I prefer a pretty compact. This gift will be any beauty lover’s favorite and easy on your wallet.


Budget friendly gift ideas - brownies

Brownies in a jar

If you have a friend who enjoys baking or loves making snacks for their kids then this will be a very useful gift for them. We all have the basic recipe ingredients in our pantries. Flour, sugar, cocoa, and baking powder. All you need to add is the chocolate chips and if you really can afford it, some nuts. This gift looks very impressive and it repurposes one of those coffee bottles we refuse to throw away cause we might use it one day. There are tons of “recipe in a jar” posts on Pinterest, they vary from brownies to cookies to some interesting other ones.


Budget friendly gift ideas - Book & pens

Pen & Paper

I am a huge planner and I like to conceptualize an idea. Some of your friends or family can be the next big bullet journaling guru and a goof notebook and fancy pen can spark new motivation or creativity. Typo has got my favorite journals, whether it’s for bullet journaling or just normal planning. They also have a great selection of pretty pens, but I prefer a good old fashioned stationery store. They always have something new with a twist of wacky and wonderful. I feel like a kid in a sweet shop when I walk into a stationery shop.


Budget friendly gift ideas - plants

Plant babies…

A plant is always a good bet. I tend to rather gift a plant than a bunch of pretty flowers. That way if your friend has got some green fingers, they can always think of you or remember memories you share. If you are like me and have tiny tree stumps for fingers, maybe a cactus type plant is a better option as they do not need too much attention. What makes plants a great gift is that they come in all shapes and sizes and price ranges.

Most of these are gifts under R100 and I’d say is rather affordable gifts. If you found this post helpful, feel free to share this with a friend. Also, leave a comment below with your favorite shop to purchase gifts from or your favorite gift from this list.

Happy gift shopping my friends 🎁

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