Awestruck by these 2 Be Bare Solid Bars - Packaging
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Awestruck by these 2 Be Bare Solid Bars

20 February 2021

The name Be Bare is such an amazing fit for this brand and in this post, I will share with you why I say that as well as my thoughts on the Be Bare Solid bars – Shampoo and Conditioner. If you have never heard of them, I will link their site throughout my post so you can click right through.

Be Bare Shampoo and Conditioner bars - Cover

Be Bare Solid Bars in the spotlight

Be Bare was founded by two South Africans with a desire to empower others and themselves to make more eco-conscious decisions in our daily personal care routines. They started with innovative shampoo and conditioner bars which encourage people to switch over from single-use plastic bottles to minimize the catastrophic impact this has on our planet. They are also working on branching out their range to include shaving bars.

Their solid shampoo and conditioner bars are waterless which means there is no water on the ingredient list as they believe it’s a way of saving this precious resource. They believe you need to add the water.

Be Bare Shampoo and Conditioner bars - Packaging

More info on Be Bare Solid Bars

Be.Bare pride themselves in being eco-friendly and they strive to deliver product and packaging that is eco-conscious on Mother Earth. Their range can be described and minimalistic and clean. Their mission is to create  products that are amazing, natural, and beauty products that are

  • 100% Plastic-free
  • Made without water
  • Vegan & Cruelty-free
  • Kind to you and our planet
  • A delight to use
  • Safe and gentle
  • Incredibly Effective
  • On par with, if not superior to, their conventional bottled counterparts
    (taken from their website)

Be Bare Shampoo and Conditioner bars - Shampoo bar

The headmistress Shampoo Bar

This shampoo bar is a citrus bomb and perfect for my type of hair! Between the two bars, this one is definitely more textured and it smells fabulous. I first tried to lather it with my hands and it did quite well, but with my longer hair I got impatient and started “soaping” my hair with the bar (barbarian, I know – but if it works…) I found that my hair was squeaky clean, root to tip, but without feeling stripped.

It is said that this is a super effective, revitalizing shampoo that gets rid of greasiness and brightens dull, flat, or lifeless hair. And I would agree with that. It’s a deep cleansing & clarifying shampoo that does not strip (not that kind) or dries out your hair. The nutrient-rich lather assists with strengthening your roots and optimal scalp health.

At R130 a bar who can say no to that? Not only is it a brilliant shampoo that does wonders for my hair, but it is also environment friendly with so many additional beneficial factors. Be.Bare makes it easy to switch over from bottle to bar!

Be Bare Shampoo and Conditioner bars - Conditioner Bar

Genie in a bar Conditioner Bar

I have tried Conditioner bars before, but none like this. Although it’s not my favorite smell this conditioner bar performs well above its weight limit! The bar is smooth and I can instantly feel how my hair is just thanking me for taking care of it. I find fewer tangles after I have washed it and my hair does not look or feel weighed down, but instead, it’s healthy and shiny!

The Genie in a bar has a calming scent with just a touch of patchouli which relaxes the senses. This combination of powerful essential oils helps to prevent dandruff, balance oily scalps, and soothe skin irritation. Your hair will shine with this blue bar and be healthier than ever!

Again at R130 a bar, this is a steal and 100% money well spent. I have to admit that I would choose this conditioner bar over some conventional bottled conditioners as I feel it performs way better and delivers a brilliant end result.

Lastly, I want to chat about the bamboo soap dish. This is a brilliant initiative to care for and make sure your shampoo and conditioner bars get the proper ventilation and dry off correctly so that no bacteria are growing on them. This soap dish is made from renewable, fast-growing bamboo, is compostable and bio-degradable. It is also esthetically pleasing and is the perfect addition to keep your bars clean.

In conclusion, these Be Bare Solid bars are great. The eco-friendliness & ingredients are just phenomenal. My experience has been really good & my hair has never been this healthy. I highly recommend you try their range as there is a bar for every hair type. Click this link for a stockist near you, otherwise, you are welcome to order online. I know they were recently made available from Clicks as well.

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