Valentine's Day Gifts for Her - Cover
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Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her 2021

7 February 2021

Next weekend is Valentine’s Day and if you struggle to come up with some great ideas for the lady in your life whether its a girlfriend, fiance, or wife (but please no moms 🤪) then keep on reading and I am sure you will get some idea on a Valentine’s Day gifts for her.  I tried to stay clear as far as possible from the normal chocolates or perfume as it’s a given that one of those needs to be included in the gift.


Valentine's Day Gifts for Her - Cover

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

If gift-giving is a nightmare to you, I understand completely. Sometimes the pressure is just too big and overwhelming, but in this post, I will make it easier for you. First off, you need to know that we girls just want to feel special, appreciated, and loved. So before you buy anything first think about how you can make your lady feel that way. If you still draw a blank then keep on reading and draw some inspiration from my Valentine’s Day gifts for her ideas.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her - pamper box

Pampering Box

The best thing about a pampering box like this is that you can customize it to cater to every want and need your Valentine can think of. The sky is your limit. It can be a small box with a voucher for her favorite spa treatment or it can be something you have put together to spoil her. Think of how she gets ready in the morning or her evening routine and maybe add some pampering items. This can be a nice sheet mask, or a fancy hand cream, or even an expensive Brand name lipstick. This is my favorite type of gift. Personalized and it shows you put some thought into it.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her - Jewellery


I know this is a traditional type of Valentine’s day gift and nothing groundbreaking, but have a look at some local jewelers. And by local, I do not mean Sterns or American Swiss – not that anything is wrong with them – but try and support local small businesses. To name a few; Miky Rose Jewellery, Kate Meleon Jewelry, Botanical Jewellery just to name a few. They can provide a little something out of the ordinary and #supportlocal… Jewelry is always a winner!

Valentine's Day Gifts for her - Candle

A special Candle

Candles are having their moment in the spotlight. Once again there are so many local candle companies that sell the most amazing smelling candles with the most beautiful glass holders. Add an exotic tea blend or something like Camomile and create a gift that will inspire some zen moment. Candles can be used when taking a nice relaxing bath or when some action is set in motion… Enough said, go order her some candles!

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her - silk

The Gift of something Silk

Silk has got so many skincare and hair care benefits and this is on top of feeling extremely luxurious. Dear Deer has got you covered! they have a variety of products that range from silk pillowcases to hair scrunchies, to silk masks. You can be sure to find something that will make your Valentine feel like a queen. If you do end up getting a silk pillowcase, do add some items that will add to the experience like a nice pillow mist or some nighttime skincare.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her - Photo Shoot

Couple / Family Shoot

No, do not scroll past this one without reading! Most men hate photoshoots and I can understand why, I do not blame you. But if you really want to give your Valentine something special, book a shoot with your local photographer. If taking photos is not your thing consider this for a moment, you will get brownie points every time she looks at the photos. Even more so when she gets compliments on the prints. It’s an hour of suffering for so many more benefits. Think about it 😉

I know that sometimes it can be hard to come up with new and interesting gifts on a holiday that has been commercialized over centuries. But I am sure that you found something to draw inspiration from to spoil the love of your life with these Valentine’s Day gifts for her. Click here if you want to look for more gift ideas

Remember if you guys are going out, to be safe and responsible in more ways than just wearing your mask 🕺🏻💃🏻

Happy Valentines Day my lovelies.

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