Best Valentine's Day Gifts for him - Cover
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Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him – 2021

10 February 2021

So in a few days, it’s Valentine’s Day and if you are still looking for a gift for the man in your life then look no further. I am sure you will find some inspiration in my best Valentine’s Day Gifts for him guide.

Best Valentine's Day Gifts for him - Cover
Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for him – Cover


Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for him

I sometimes find it so hard to buy my husband a decent gift, whether it’s for his birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s day. It’s just so difficult cause his hobbies are quite expensive and most of the games he plays he can purchase online. But in today’s’ post, I have a few gift ideas for you that will make any man’s heart very happy and it does not include ” the deed”, that one is a given on Valentine’s day, right? 😜

Incredible Valentine's Day Gifts for him - Pamper Box

Pamper Box 

If your husband is like mine, pampering is not a word in his vocabulary, unless it’s something he is paying for to spoil you. So I had to go and sit and think about what would be things that he needs in his life to make it a bit easier. A good multitasking keyring, a tool for his car, and then some perfume and some cream to put on his elbows. Don’t forget the chocolate spoils and the lip balm for a good smooch. I also added some cufflinks with his name on them.

Incredible Valentine's Day Gifts for him - Message in a bottle

Message in a Bottle

I think the art of letter writing is quickly busy fading. When we did our marriage course with the pastor who married us, we had to write letters to each other and 10 years later I still have them and it’s something so precious. Take the time and even pour yourself a glass of wine (not too much, you don’t want to get easy) and write him the most beautiful love letter he has ever received and spritz some of your perfume on it (I know it something we did in high school, but just do it). Best Valentine’s Day gifts for him and it’s affordable.

Incredible Valentine's Day Gifts for him - Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir Shoot

Now if you really want to get him reffed up then gift him with a few pictures of you done by a professional. I have heard women say that a Boudoir shoot was extremely empowering (if done right) and I promise you your man will be swooning. This might look scary but I promise you it will be worth it. This is also great for an anniversary or wedding gift. Is it still a custom for the bride and groom to gift each other with a little gift on their wedding day?

Incredible Valentine's Day Gifts for him - Love Stack

Love Stack

Now, these cards are mostly of a naughty nature… Which is totally fine, some sugar and spice create nice cupcakes, but if you need to tone it down a bit I have some ideas for that as well. Take a normal deck of cards and print a few pictures of you guys, some together, other of you and him individually, and spread them over the deck. Some cards you can add reasons why you love him. On other cards, you can say something about how he makes you feel and then you can fill the blanks with photos. End it off by punching a hole in the corner and putting it on a ring key chain.

Wooden Pens

You get some really fancy pens made from wood and if your hubby or boyfriend is office-bound it is something they can place on their desk and think of you whenever they use it. You can even take it a step further and engrave his name or something meaningful on there. This can be a very versatile gift and is not just Valentine’s Day related

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Hopefully, this post has given you some inspiration to get some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him. Hope you have a romantic Valentine’s Day and please remember to be safe.

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