Essence Eye Makeup Brushes - Cover
The Nook Trials | Beauty

The Nook Trials – Eye Makeup Brushes

Happy Valentines weekend everyone, hope you are being spoiled and love as we all deserve to be. This week on The Nook Trials we chatted about makeup brushes. What they are used for how to work with them. I truly hope that this series helped someone to be less overwhelmed when standing infant of the […]

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Shampoo Review - Cover
The Nook Trials

The Nook Trials – Shampoo Review

If you are in the market for a new Salon Shampoo then this post is just the one for you! Salon shampoos can really be expensive these days (but some are totally worth the splurge) so if my shampoo review can help you decide yay or nay then I succeeded at my job. The Nook […]

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