My Top 5 Favorite High End Perfumes

Hi guys, I have been a bit “AFK” (gaming terminology) for a while, but its been for a good reason. I will do a post on it soon, I promise. Now I have been wanting to do this post for so long and the perfumes has been standing next to my bed for weeks. So, […]

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Beauty | Review

Collab : Top 5 Goodies & Baddies Highend Products

It is Friday and the start to the weekend (well, after work) and today I have a very special post for you in collaboration with Jessica from Just a City Girl. We are sharing our top 5 favorite high end products, and the top 5 products that left us disappointed. Since its Friday and its suppose to […]

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Collection of Old Hauls

If you visit my blog regularly you would have noticed that I was absent for a couple of months. I am very glad to be back and I am back posting on a regular schedule again. Now just because I was not writing does not mean that I stopped buying too much makeup goodies. Let […]

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