Yet another Wishlist

Why hello there! Welcome to yet another Wishlist. If you are like me then yours is also getting longer way faster than what you can cross items off. Well today I am sharing with you some goodies I have my eye set on and badly want to add to my collection. Maybe we can arrange […]

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Review : Freeman Revitalising Peel Off Mask

Hallo and Happy Monday! Today we will be doing a quick Review : Freeman Revitalising Peel Off Mask. Who has time to sit through a long ass review on a Monday? I mean I only stop sulking around Thursday that the weekend is over and by then its time to look forward to the next […]

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Whats new in my collection?

Hi there, hope you are having an awesome Friday. In my previous post I mentioned that I have been absent for a while. But that did not stop me from shopping more makeup than I actually need. So today I will chat about whats new in my collection, or at least some of whats new. Whats […]

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