Haul : November 2017

Hi guys. Hope you are all doing well and that you are getting into the Christmas spirit. Things are still so busy at my office that I feel it should now only be July. Nevermind end of 2017 with Christmas approaching. I have not even started thinking about Christmas shopping and already the inlanders and […]

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Beauty | Review

Other : Wish List April 2017

If you are reading this, you have made it to the extra long Easter Weekend. Relaxation and Chill-ation is all that should be on your “to-do-list”. Today I have another sort of list that I want to share with you guys, its my current wish list. Some of the goodies are ridiculous and I will get […]

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Wish List

I will never ever get to the bottom of my whistlist. As soon as one item gets ticked off then another (or a couple) gets added. It is a never ending bad, black circle. But to be honest I do not require any help, except if you are a rich guy wanting to spoil me […]

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